concrete/paver drive hybrid



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Central NC
Haha i was the finisher. I did go a little overboard, the owner is 93 and i wanted to ensure he wouldnt slip... That said i would have been fine doing less.


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you need control joints in the concrete sections. for a 4 inch slab spaced no further than 10 feet each way.

the finish is dreadful. you didn't go overboard you broomed too early with too much cream on top. i despise those magic screeds :nono:

i like the pavers, i think you could have gone with a touch wider paver strip in between the concrete.

i recommend (based on experience) pouring the concrete through the paver sections and setting the pavers on that. it helps to keep the elevations consistent.


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i cant tell if you poured through or not... im just saying.

we poured a drive with paver strips through it, and that was one of the take away lessons. next time pour "footings" under the paver strips. i think maybe it was not enough interlock? thereby causing the pavers to shift in elevation a touch. that job was a holland stone paver.

one final thing.... it looks like when you stripped the forms you crumbled the concrete edge at the paver apron. i would say this was because you pulled the forms the next day or so later and when you were brooming (way too early) you pulled the cream into your rounded over edge. pulling the forms broke this cream back off.

if you get into the situation where you don't have an edge -- (hot and someone forgot it... or you broomed too early and filled your edge in with cream) take a chop saw (quickie saw, demo saw) and run it along the edge of the form. say 1/4 deep. it will cut that free and keep it clean when you strip.


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Gentlemen thought I'd share a driveway we just did. I'd love to have comments in a genteel fashion.
Well, you asked...................... :laugh:

SVA hit most of it on the head, but I'd add that next time you really should broom it the other direction. The broom should be run perpendicular to the main traffic pattern.

How do you like the "Big Joe"??? I looked at them years ago with interest, just never followed up..........