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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by loganshardscape, Feb 20, 2003.

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    I was curious for all the landscapers installing concrete pavers, which type of saws are you currently using. Name brand, blade size, gas or electric. And do you have any recommendations for future purchases of saws, types, and any good prices out there.

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    Have been using " target" saws for about 15 yrs now.
    With all the larger blocks on the market you should purchase at least a 14". It is still manageable to move around. Go with the Honda motor, it will give many years of reliable cutting. We use ours on a daily basis throughout the spring summer and fall and will get approx. 3 years use per saw. Also invest in a medium or high quality diamond blade. Now of course all this depends on your planned usage of the saw, are you doing interlock for a living or is it just a sideline where you may do one job per month.
    Definitely go with gas. The last thing you need to do is worry about where you will get power from if the homeowner is away. The electric ones tend to trip breakers if there is any abnormal stress on the saw.

    Good luck.


    Maybe you should rent until you find the right one for you. They are quite expensive for only temporary use.
  3. Kirk

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    I've always been partial to MK Diamond. There prices are reasonable and the seem to hold up pretty good.
  4. PAPS

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    We use the Partner saw and run both 12'' and 14'' MK diamond blades...
  5. Tony Clifton

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    I actually just spent a few days trying to figure out if I should buy a wet saw or keep renting. I looked at several models and couldnt bring myself to spend $1600.00 on a good target wet saw since we would only be using it a few times a month. I was going to buy an MK diamond for about $750.00 but couldnt find any in town and didnt have time to order one because we had to start a job. I ended up buying one at the Home Depot for $599.00 and it works great, just spent 3 straight days cutting pavers and it worked fine, not sure how well it will hold up over time, but it seems solid. It is a QEP 60010 tile saw but it cuts pavers, we have just about worn the blade out it came with but we will replace it with a better one. Has anybody else heard of these or know how I should expect it to last?...I think it is a good saw for a company that won't be using it everyday all year.
  6. dougaustreim

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    We use the Partner saw for most block cutting and free handed work, because of the ease of balance. We also have Stihls, that cut faster, due to more power and torque. The torque though makes it hard to balance, therefore difficult to get a straight cut.

    We bought the MK a few years ago, and really like it for pavers, mainly due to the rolling platform. For many years, we used a Dewalt Chop Saw with a 14" diamond blade, and it held up very well, cut thousands of pavers with it. Still use it as a backup or when we need to cut pavers at two jobs on the same day. I'm quite sure that you can buy the saw for under $300

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  7. paul

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    Partner saws we use every day, but stand saws are EDCO 14" with 9 hp Honda's. I like the EDCO's because the motor is level. a few saws the motor tilts with the blade. With proper care a good saw should last 10 years with blade, belt replacements and good maintance.
  8. SCL

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    14" partner, love it for its lack of vibration and power, 12' Stihl, love it cause its a Stihl, and a 10" MK paver saw. MK is too small but gets the job done. Would like a bigger Americutter or Edco for retaining wall cap and large pavers.
  9. little green guy

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    I use a 12" stihl, I like it, cuts great and has lots of power. My dealer carries stihl and not partner so thats why we use stihl. I have used partner and like them and if my dealer carried them too I may have gone with partner but I can't complian ablout the stihl.
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    I'd tell you a lot here, but......

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