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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by JimLewis, Aug 7, 2007.

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    I have a customer who has a very nice water feature that was obviously installed some years ago. It works fairly well. But we've figured out that the second tier of the pond has a big leak. Not quite sure where the leak is. But we know it's in that second tier because when you turn the water feature off, water stays full in the upper tier and lower tier but the middle pond empties out about half-way.

    No obvious holes. There are several minor cracks going up the walls of the pond on this second tier. But none of them go only half way down and none of them appear to be the smoking gun that is causing the leak.

    To make matters more difficult, when it is turned on and starts leaking, it's not clear where the water is going. There is never any pooling of water underground or above ground anywhere. It's as if the water is just disappearing under ground.

    The customer wants to repair it himself. Which is fine by me. We're doing tens thousands of dollars of work for him in other parts of his landscape. But I'd like to direct him toward a product that he could use. I am looking for something that he could apply to the walls of that second tier that would just re-seal everything.

    Pond liner isn't an option. It wouldn't work with this water feature. We need something that can be applied right to the walls. The walls on the entire water feature are concrete or gunite or something like that. So it would be nice if we could use a product that would match that gray color. But I think he's open to any product. I am thinking something that could be sprayed or applied with a brush, roller, or trowel.

    Any ideas guys? And if you could also tell me where, ONLINE, I could buy it that would be bonus! Thanks!
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    you could always try waterfall foam, I don't think it would be the ideal solution, but it sure beats mixing motar. There are several sites that sell it, the one I've delt with is Canadian, but they have an American site:

    It's the first item.
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    Black pond foam isn't going to work for this application. It's a very large pond. Aside from the fact it would take like 20 cans to coat the walls of this second tier, it's just not right. I need something we can apply to the walls of this pond that will seal the walls. Pond foam is great for large cracks and so forth. But this pond doesn't really have any of those. It's got some very small hariline cracking here and there. But nothing I could get pond foam into.

    I'm looking for something more like these products;

    I was hoping I could find something similar to the above products that would match the concrete walls better. We'd rather not have to paint them black. Also just looking to see who here has had experience with such products and which one they recommend.
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    That's an easy problem to fix Jim. Bentonite is what you're looking for. This link should help you. >>

    It's perfect for what you're trying to do, because it seeks out leaks and is drawn into where the leak is. It then expands. A guy that used to work with my brother swears by it for the purpose you mentioned (concrete pond leaks).

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