concrete prices in nj?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JML, Aug 5, 2003.

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    I have a commercial customer who wants a 4 x 24 small concrete sidewalk poured. I have never done any concrete work but two of my landscape foremans have. This guy is a great customer so I would like to do this for him. The only thing is how do I price it. What is teh going rate for a job of this size in NJ? thanks
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    Hey JML,

    I did a little research and found a person I know that had a sidewalk poured in '99. The sidewalk is about 15ft x 3ft.

    This is the price in NJ, for the concrete delivery of 1 cu.yd.

    $56.00, 1 cu.yd.
    $15.00 delivery charge
    $65.00 short load charge

    I hope this helps you in creating your estimate.
  3. Arc Burn

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    Not much help probably but concrete is around $65/yd here in my area of New York.Give your local Redi-mix company a call,tell them your dimensions and they can give you a pretty exact cost.

    I'm sure you realize this but be prepared before they arrive,have your guys ready,alot of these companys run a tight schedule and will charge you extra if the truck has to wait for you to finish something.
  4. JML

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    does anyone have a sq. ft. on what to charge the customer? thanks

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    my neighbor does cement work think they get 70-90 a block do u have to remove old blocks, u have to find out how much cement u have and how much that will cost then add you're labor and any other cost so u make at least you're hourly rate. or sub it out
  6. Turfdude

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    Concrete flat work $5.00 - $5.50 per sq.ft. Removal of old extra. Small jobs get a higher number - I'm sure.
  7. timF

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    payup Even though we are quite some distance apart, concrete is still fairly similar in price to within $20 per yard in our 2 markets $62 -$80 per yard. There will definately be a small load charge (usually applied to all loads under 2 1/2 yds) for this job your are wanting to do. Check with the local redi-mix producer as to how much this will be. This small of a project requires a nuesense premium. Tear out and removal should be figured @ $1.50 per square foot. The concrete itself should be bid @ no less than $5.00 per square foot, plus the small load charge. You should use at least 3,000lb concrete mix with full air entrainment since it will be placed outside. One way to decrease from a small load charge to just a transfer charge is to find a cement contractor working nearby that will allow you to add your yardage on to his load to be delivered after he has poured out his yardage. Hope this helps you!
  8. NYRookie

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    I figure $200 per yard installed. Removal of old stuff is extra. In my area they charge a small load charge under 4 yds. If you pour on Saturday, they charge another $25. I use a guy that mixes on site. If you need a little more, he mixes it right there. His price is the same as the redimix guys. That way you don't have to find a home for any extra concrete that you ordered.

    4by24= 96sq ft.
    96 divided by 27sq ft(1 cubic yard)=3.5
    3.5 divided by 4"(1/3 of a foot) for thickness=.875 yds of concrete

    1 yard concrete $70 plus tax #4000 mix
    small load fee $45
    Saturday? $25
    wire mesh or fiberglass $20
    rent a tamper $50
    1-2 tons of compactable base(delivered) $50
    set up and tear down of forms
    rip up existing ?

    JML, this should help a little. These are just my guesstimates, but they should be close. If it is a new pour, you have to dig out the soil and tamp down a base. If you are removing existing, you have to figure how many hours to remove it and to haul it away. Also the renting of a compressor and hammer. How close can the truck pull up to it or how far do your guys have to wheelbarrow it?
    Hope this helps.
  9. timF

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    :nono: On small jobs like this, trying to figure your price by yardage will get you into trouble. With no disrespect intended to Rookie, in a walk way, you would not be placing any wire mess, and fiber mess would be unlikely as well. Most walks are poured at 3.5"(nominal lumber size) or at 4" - normal city code for city side walk. To figure your correct yardage needed for this job, you want to divide your total sqaure foortage by 81 to give you the correct amount to place 4" concrete, or divide by 54 to give the amount if you were placing 6' concrete. Since you have 96 sqft, you will most likely be needing 1.25 yards. Like I stated before, anything less than $5 per sqft + extras would not be profitable.

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