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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by CALandscapes, Jan 25, 2008.

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    I'm trying to expand my landscape business in to doing more flat work, and am curious about competitive concrete prices, both for removal and installation.

    My Questions:

    1. How much /sq. ft. for driveways (obviously will include steel mesh)?
    2. How much for sidewalks?
    3. How much for removal (any price difference for removing sidewalks w/out mesh vs. drives w/mesh?)

    I'm aware that there are different factors that would affect pricing; for example machine access to a backyard. Also, I'd be assuming the sq. ft. footprint of concrete poured 4" thick..

    Also, for whatever it's work, I'm based out of the New Orleans, LA area.

    I appreciate any input you'll have. Thanks.

    Curb Appeal Lanscapes, LLC
  2. CALandscapes

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  3. skidster32

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    all i do is concrete demo, we usually charge 1.25 a s/f
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    Our company does alot of flatwork up here in Illinois but this may give you somewhat of idea to go off of. I handle all the concrete work for my company bidding and actual working with it. I charge any where from $2.75 a square to $5.00 a square depending on the project. This is just for forming it up putting in the base and the pouring and finishing the concrete. I try to stay between $3-4 a square because we don't do it everyday but we do it alot and I can back a truck right up to the pour with no wheelbarrows needed The $2.75 is just to compete with the local concrete guy incase we are bidding aganist one of them. And the $5.00 is for like if we have to have guys wheel it to the backyard. As for demo that is just depends on what it is. I normally like to charge anywhere from $100-$500 depending on the amount that is there. We have a place that takes it for free so we are basically out a little labor, machine time, and whatever fuel we burn in our truck so it works out well. Hope that helped any questions feel free to ask.
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    Man, your cheap.

    Depends on how much for how much I charge for demo. 2 car drive is usually in the $800 to $1000 for Demo. If I can dump it for free or not. Price doesn't change. As free dumping means I have to deal with it in my vehicles. If I have to get a Container it costs me. So, if I'm slick enough to haul it I get paid.

    I like to charge $1000 a day. So, one bobcat for one day with removal is $1000.

    We do the stamped concrete and It depends on what were doing. But, for just a walkway and small pad in the front of the house, a stoop, I get around 22 sq/ft. It it's a large driveway stamped. Anywhere from $8-12 a Sq/ft.

    Driveways get Mesh, 1 feet on the sides, front, and back is 6in while the center of mass is 4in. 4in of 3/4 clean, and integral color.

    St. Louis area.

    Now, if I've been working for them. I do discount. As in, done there deck work, landscaping, curbing, remodeled there kitchen or bath. If it's a big job, they get a deal. If it's just a walkway. I'm not going to there home for 2 day's for excavation forms rock and pour and stamp for $450. LOL 2 day's for all this is $2000. So, get something that you want. That's a lot of equipment for $450.

    I had a guy off Craigs list say he had multiple bidders on a 45x10 pad offering to do it stamped and colored for $2000. I bid $6000. Told him no color or stamping and $4000.

    $500 for the concrete
    170 for rock with delivery
    350 for the color and release
    70 for the wire
    40 for the forms, nails, supports
    200 bobcat for excavation
    100 for concrete buggy
    50 for sealer
    1460 without labor

    120 for 1 guy to tear out forms and backfill with dirt
    360 for 3 guy's pour day
    200 for bobcat operator
    360 for 3 guy's to set forms and rock fill
    150 5.55 yds of dirt hauled away

    2660 for cost.

    Yet, he wants if for less then $2000. I didn't factor in cost of stamps to do the job, equipment insurance, Insurance, workmans comp, Truck expenses, trailer expenses, float and screed wear, Vibrating screed, Vibrating stick. Advertisements, uniforms. I figure $300 a day for this. $100 a man. plus the $100 for the tear out forms, seal, backfill day after the pour.

    180 for 3 men on sight for 1 day there insurance, workmans comp, supplies
    50 for truck expenses fuel, insurance, upkeep, plates
    20 for trailer
    50 for tools they don't need them all but if they do they have to have them
    300 total for a day.

    So $3460 total without me making anything. Yep, I'm going to do it for $2000. If somebody is bidding it for that. They ain't Pro's with insurance and they havn't added up the costs to do these jobs and they live in a trailer court.

    No color pulls $400 off the price of the job. But also I don't charge them for the cost of my stamps. So, $4000 for no color, no stamp is pretty cheap. $6000 with color is still cheap. But, you want an artistic job, you pay artistic prices.

    Oh, if you want rebar on this. Add in another $300 for cost with ties and saddles.

    Usually I take my cost and double it for a first time job. It's standard in every other industry. Actually, they usually triple it so they can discount 50% and have a SALE. LOL...

    I don't work cheap. And if it get's where I have to pay to work. They ain't PRO's and i'll find another job to do.

    BUT, no excavation, no rock, beat up truck and junky equipment making voids in the concrete. Hardner top color and dirt for your secondary color. Guy using his old junk van. And Urine for Sealer. Can be done a lot cheaper. But, won't get a lot of call backs.
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    I wasn't trying to condemn you. But, how do you make any money? My prices for the sq/ft is posted. Those are actual costs. I just don't see how any body can build a business for those prices.
  8. wanabe

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    Hey Mverick, are you from the metro east of the Stl side? Drop me a PM is you have time. Thanks!
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    I'm gonna get the price and specs for a bid on a job together in the morning and post them and see if you'll have any feedback on the numbers I come up with... Post again in the am. Thanks for all of the input so far!
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    I can understand commercial jobs, well, actually, I can't but some clients just don't get it, but why in Sam Hill State would ANY homeowner want ugly, unnnatural looking, inevitably-will-crack stamped concrete instead of pavers? The costs do not seem that different.

    No offense, mverick, if a homeowner insists on stamped they may as well have you do it because it sounds like you do quality work, but I just don't get the appeal of this product. Why would I want my patio to look like the floor of a shopping mall?:confused::confused::confused:

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