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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jhlinc, May 4, 2002.

  1. jhlinc

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    I am biiding a job for a paver driveway. I need to remove 5" of existing cracked concrete(950 sq.ft.) which has rebar and heavy duty mesh. and replace with pavers. Some areas need to be raised 6" from existing concrete level due to settling. I was thinking of charging $11 per sq. foot do you think this is a fair price? Its a good customer. They called unilock and were told expect to pay $10 sq. foot with concrete removal.
  2. AGLA

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    Are you including removal of the driveway with $11/SF?

    I think that is about 25 tons of disposal material. I don't know what you have to haul it and load it or what your dump fees are, but these would make a serious dent in $11/SF. The pavers are going to cost you around $3 /SF to buy, throw in base material...I don't know who could pull this off for $11/SF.
    I would estimate the concrete removal by the time you think that it will take. any equipment rental, blade costs, and disposal fees. Tell them the what you are basing that on and that it is an ESTIMATE.
    Then give them a solid price of $x for the installation of such and such pavers including x" of whatever compacted base material, graded for proper drainage. Don't tell them how much per SF or how many SF there is...just the price. Hopefully it is worth more than $10 per SF.
  3. PAPS

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    That $11.00 sq/ ft. for the entire job including pavers installed sounds good to me using Unilock pavers ($1.79-2.00 sq/ ft ones), AS long as you have the proper trucks/equipment to rip that driveway up, thats a fair/competitive bid in my book. It wouldn't hurt though to throw a $12-13 sq/ft at them first and see what they say....
    (Concrete removal = $5.00 a ton by me, not a big deal AGLA)
  4. DaveK

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    $11.00 per sq ft is at the low end around here. And that would NOT include removing concrete. With rebar and mesh, it's even more difficult. Although it wouldn't add more than about 5% to 10%

    With a tape measure and simple math, they already know the price per sq ft.

    I have a ton of concrete to be removed..... if you are only going to charge me $5.00, I'll even buy you lunch. Oh wait, I have more like 4 tons, here's a Twenty.
  5. PAPS

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    When did I say I was only going to charge $5.00 a ton to remove concrete?? I said that the $11.00 /sq ft. was a decent bid INCLUDING removing the concrete driveway BECAUSE its CHEAP to dump concrete at $5.00 a ton. Instead of being a smart a**- know it all, you should learn how to read and interpret people posts, and make intelligent-constructive comments.
  6. Lanelle

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    Hold on PAPS. Here is what you said: Concrete removal = $5.00 a ton by me, not a big deal AGLA. Frankly that is open to some interpretation. I could think that means you will do concrete removal for $5.00 a ton. And if its not a big deal, why are you fussing so? Since there is rebar and mesh to cut up, seems like it would take a little more time than it sounds like you were figuring.
  7. PAPS

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    I said the whole job for 11.00 a sq. was a good price including the removal of the concrete.. then said that concrete removal was $5.00 a ton. The 11.00 a sq./ ft said it all about the price of the entire job.
    Removing concrete is nothing that a Bobcat and a Mini-excavator couldn't handle... very simple...
  8. DaveK

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    ^-- right there you said it.

    ^-- and again here.

    I did read and interpret your post, perhaps your words didn't clearly explain your thinking. Now I am even more confused by your words. Do you charge $5 per ton to remove concrete or not?

    It wasn't my intention to be a smart a$$, just a little light-hearted ribbing. I do like to have fun and laugh a little at times.
  9. PAPS

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    dumping concrete = $5.00 a ton, THEREFORE to dump 25 tons is NOT a big deal in terms of $$$ expense. SO, on a $11.00 sq. ft job X 950 sq. ft. = $10,450.00, to dump the exisitng concrete driveway WILL NOT BE A HUGE EXPENSE, and IS NOT A BIG DEAL.
  10. DaveK

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    Around here there are concrete crushers where concrete can be dumped for free. So there is no expense.

    But of course you would charge for the removal, right?
    There are labor and equipment expenses for the removal and transportation. How much would you charge for the removal per ton? Or are you saying that the expenses are so low that you wouldn't charge any more than if there were no concrete to be removed, and just charge for the installation?

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