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I was wondering if anyone here includes concrete as one of their services. I do mostly horizontal jobs, but we do a little bit of everything at one time or another. I'm stationed in Germany now, and they have tons of Paving Stones everywhere, its very very common for driveways sidewalks, and steets. Its their choice over concret or asphalt. Hope to hear from some of you guys.<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti


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hello,<p>I occasionally get asked to do concrete work and always say that I specialize in pavers so that my concrete work is vey expensive. This usually convinces the client to switch over to pavers, brick, etc. If they are convinced on doing asphault or concrete, I tell them straight out that I am not set up for that kind of work and that someone else will easily beat my price. I use to try and sub it out, but now it's just not worth it to me. To busy with other stuff to be playing phone tag with other contractors and the clients. <p>Concrete work is not hard, but it does require a certain set up. I do not have forms nor the labor force to do a concrete work. Even a simple walkway can be costly if you have to go out and buy all that wood to set the forms up and then just throw it away because you don't do many jobs like that. Also, you have to be able to have adequate labor because if you are not prepared, concrete can set-up real quick and you may not get the edging, trolling, etc. done in time. <p>I stick to pavers, stuff that I know I can do and not have any worries about.<p>steveair


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I do concrete on a daily basis.....I had a question though. I'm looking for either a mail order catalog or online distro for concrete finishing tools (mag floats, joiners, edgers, bull floats, etc.) Drop me a line if anyone can help!!<br>Thanks<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti


Dave-<br> try &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Kraft tools&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;;/a&gt;. There are more, i just can't remember them.<p><br>Bryan<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: snow

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