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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by J&JPropmaint, Nov 9, 2013.

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    I have a bid request for the Start Up & Shutdown of a 33 unit Condo Association that I need some help with. not building. Basically homes.

    Not a whole lot different than any resi but I have not bid on a condo Assn. yet.

    Bid lines are as follows

    1. Check and start irrigation pumps by April 15
    2. Install and start fountain pumps by April 15
    3. Initiate irrigation system
    4. Check each zone for coverage (includes bubblers in gazebo
    5. Repair / replace broken or damaged heads
    6. Set zone run times and days per week

    I know this is routine but the competition in Michigan is ridiculous.

    For some reason they want a per hour quote?

    I know resi's but have never done condos. I would like to know any advice on pricing for this many units at one location to stay competitive.

    I have the bid request for the mowing as well which is a whole other story.

    If seen guys bidding $15 dollars per unit for that. Man alive!

    Attached a pic of the association.
  2. Irrigation Contractor

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    Take your normal hourly rate and then multiply it by how many hours each line item will take your techs. Then divide it by the number of units and you have YOUR per unit price. It does not matter what others are bidding, you have to make money or not do it. Nobody should have any trouble rounding up enough start-ups each spring, so if you do not get this property it should not be a huge deal.

    Normally the spring is our biggest nightmare due to the rush of having to get all of our systems activated before landscapes begin to suffer.

    Also, any repair items should be excluded within your proposal. It is not possible to forecast damages and we get asked this all the time, but our answer is ALWAYS: Time plus are our hourly rates.
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    I hate low balling HOA's.

    busy all year {X}
    Plenty of work all year{X}
    return rate severely crippled {X}
    shoveling money into the bank{ }
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    I make all HOA proposals billable. HOA's don't like bad news and they generally always have a finite budget that they aren't going to exceed. This means they often times want blind faith commitments or for you to do a free walk through and notate all known issues. Then after YOU do that, they find the cheapest guy to repair or fix them. Before I sign up for anything, I want to see what im dealing with and see how committed they are to it being fixed. I also fully expect them to compensate me for diagnosing their entire system and giving them professional advice on what needs to be remedied. I have found that they generally are not all that committed to anything except staying within budget. Suffice to say, I don't land a whole lot of of HOA's. That said, I picked up a few before because I agreed to their terms and I hated every minute of it.
  5. Irrigation Contractor

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    I agree with all of the above and just so you do not think all of these properties are not profitable, here is some additional advice.

    Over the years we have built relationships with some of the HOA's, but mostly we have established ourselves with the management companies more specifically the managers.

    Those who have learned to trust us and we know we will be paid for the work we do are very profitable. Those that require an estimate for everything are those you need to RUN away from.

    Especially during the spring or when we are busy, having to provide an estimate for repairs is a complete waste of our time. Even if we are getting paid to test the system and provide the estimate, waiting days or weeks to get the approvals then going back to find all of the flags are missing is just crazy.

    We work with those who understand that when we find it, we repair and then bill it. PERIOD

    Good luck to you.

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