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Condo bidding help


LawnSite Member
Hey guys i'm sure that you are all got the itch to get going this spring like i am ! I'm have a hard time try'n to set up some estimates for these condo units i've been wanting to go after sence my first yr in business and now that i have the euipment and staff i'm going to submit an estimate but i'm REALLY NOT liking how its coming out !!! I didn't know if anyone could give me an suggestions on how to set up a winning bid ? I have all my numbers but just the set up isnt looking too good .... How do all of you get the ball rolling in your direction? Thanks guys hope everyone gets everything your going after this yr !!!!


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West Bend WI
Around here, condo's tend to be real cheap. So in order to win, you have to be lowest bidder. I'm not sure if that is true for all of them out there though.

As far as drawing up a winning bid, type it up professionally, edit it, spell check it, then print it on some nice paper with your letterhead at the top. Sign the bottom of it and you will look pretty professional.


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Zone 6
Google search bidding. There are some good sample and actual bids out there. Follow their example. Edit, have someone else edit, re edit, then get that other person to edit again. Then leave it for a day, then edit again. Then it might be ready.

Just know that HOA are not always worth what they appear. Even the nice looking ones, unless you have bid commercial and such before there is a different mindset to accepting bids and lowest (maybe not always MR. Unbelievable low baller) will often get it. So make sure you have given them your best deal. There will be no negotiating, if someone else is a bit lower.

Good Luck