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condo spring clean up


LawnSite Member
just went out to look at a small condo complex with about 66000 sq/ft on grassy areas . they want spring clean up , lime and fertilizer application weekly cuts with removal of clippings .and a few other odds and sods .
This is our second year in buisness ,last year we did strictly residential mowing and maintenance and it was easy to price and easy to sell.
This year we are working of placing bids on three different condo complexes, and i'm finding it tough trying to price them out .At this time we still only have airens 21 " push mowers ,if we get a contract or two we'll definatley be getting a bigger machine .

Is there any real way to do this acuratley just by going by sq/ft or visually sizing the place or do you do it by trial and error and learn by your mistakes ?

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated !



LawnSite Senior Member
Charleroi P.a
We go by amount of time it will take, what are overhead is, the equipment were using, degree of difficulty. We also try to bid propertys that if we are mowing it we want to do the shurb beds trimming, planting, mulching etc. so to answer your question, visually sizing the area is a common practice and you will get better at it over time.....