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  1. Scag48

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    I'm thinking about going again, forget the money. I called my old man to see if he wanted to head down with me. I'm thinking about staying 1 night and flying in early Tuesday morning and leaving late Wednesday night. I'm not really planning a trip to get obliterated in Vegas, just want to see some of the new stuff. Might stay 2 nights, we'll see what I can find for rooms this late in the game. Who else is going and when will you be there?
  2. Fieldman12

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    Several of my buddies are going. I was asked to go with them but the round trip tickets and not sure what else it covered where like $1,200. They are staying there all week and one of them is having his bachelor party while he is there. I am going to the National Farm Machienry show next week at Louisville KY. Afterwards we are going to the tractor pulls. It will be a good time. My buddy is paying for the whole trip since I run the backhoe usually a day or two for him in the spring. :cool2:
  3. Fieldman12

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    Maybe next time I will get to go.
  4. Tigerotor77W

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    I'll be there! Friday and Saturday.
  5. 2004F550

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    At first we weren't planning on even going, now I'm thinking about 3 days this time instead of a week like 05 maybe, now that its close I'm anxious to go out there lol. I think most hotels have a 3 night min that week, not positive.
  6. ksss

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    You may find yourself sharing a room with Ginger, Candy and Daffney. That will get expensive. The hotel/casinos are booked tight. You might find something further away but you will pay. I reserved rooms in Sept. and I did not get where I really wanted to be.
  7. RockSet N' Grade

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    I am still up in the air about going to ConExpo......will probably decide the day or two before. My first inclination is to go....will have to see.........then again, why go when KSSS will come back full of pictures and info and most generously share......I'd probably be buying Scag endless lap dances just so I could see the look on his face........might be safer on all fronts if I stay here in the land of Zion.
  8. ksss

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    I am sure we could find a pretty girl that would dress up in a CAT Shirt and thong. I hope to be able to post pictures while we are there if everything goes according to plan. The part where Scag is getting the lap dances of course will have to be PMed around the forum.:drinkup:
  9. Scag48

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    I could just see myself getting into some trouble at Vegas. I still haven't decided 100% if I'm going not, it really depends on my dad because I won't trek down there by myself. Will keep everyone posted.

    Oh yeah, I'm the lap dance champ, those girls should be paying ME to get dances! :drinkup:
  10. qps

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    from Indy
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    Maybe you can give KSSS a lap dance;)

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