confession time


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stanfield nc
Boys mine is not really a lawn care service. Its
really a handyman do whatever service for the
handicaped and elderly who are trying to stay out
of resthomes and remain independent.In season
its about 80% lawncare work.My real reason for
being here is to encourage you pros to look for
these needful folks and give cut rates or free
service to help them stay independent. Im not
talking about folks that send their hired boy
out to get the lincoln ready.There is huge problem
in this country you fellas can do a lot of good if
want to. Ill be cheecking out now but you are welcome
to email me on this
This forum is about lawncare etc so I wont post
anything else about it here.Thanks for your time.
good mowing T M


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Southern, Maine
AWM when you get a chance fill out your profile and anyone else that hasnt filled theres out please do, it helps finding out locations,intrest ages ect.
Thank you.


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I have a lot of friends that are 30 years old and younger and make 6 digit net incomes and they are in a position to help. Unfortunatly they are not the type to give out dollars but they are helpful with advice. Most of them are spoiled rich boys. I agree with helping the elderly. They are old and should be respected in some way or another.

Eric ELM

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I have mowed several over the years for free or at a reduced rate for the elderly. I still mow 2 free ones and I hope if I ever need the help someday keeping my lawn up that someone will give me a break and return the favor.

I agree with Landscaper3, please fill in your profile members, if you haven't already. It helps to figure out how to give advice if we have an idea what part of the USA you are from. If you don't want to give the town, put in what part of the state you live in, for example North East Illinois. I don't understand why some don't have anything filled out in their profile, but some times give out their town or email address in a post. Please Fill in your Profiles everyone.


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No offense, because I know where your coming from, but who's going to ensure my independence while I'm giving away my services for free? Who's going to get my pay accounts done? Who's going to pay my mortgage when I don't?

My grandmother doesn't live in my town, or I would take care of her place for free, whether I was in this business or not. My mother is retired up north on my brother's property in a mobile home I acquired for her. I cut lawns for some of my clients grandparents, and send the bill to them. Maybe what needs to happen is families need to be more proactive to their own elderly.

Now that would be a change for the better...



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Eric said:

"Please Fill in your Profiles everyone"

Eric, man, I've been saying that right along with you for months, wondering why these freakin' people won't fill theirs out!

Today, I took a look at mine and realized is was sorely incomplete. I think I had my location as 'West' or something like that. I thought I'd filled it out better than that, but I was wrong! Guess I'm a 'freakin' people', too. :)

Folks, double-check your profiles. You might only think you've done it right... ;)



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I have been reading and participating in this forum since April. The one thing that I have learned is that a lot of the members are doing good deeds to help others. Some of the members mow church property while some mow for elderly folks without compensation or mow at significantly reduced rates. However, all of us are making a contribution to the elderly and or infirmed by simply paying our taxes and by being good citizens.

I’m on board with you to help elderly couples to stay at home. It’s simply a matter of economics: it costs taxpayers less money for the elderly to live at home vs. a nursing home. On the other hand, it’s difficult at best to do sympathy/charity mowing when you know the elderly couple has healthy adult children who will not left a finger to help them out.

Soapbox off mode.

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I don't think the point here is for you to stop what you are doing and go out to look for people who need help and give them the platinum service for free. The point is while you are out there doing your job and you run across someone who could use your help and you have time to help them that you do it.