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    I need to thank Chuck once more for getting this thing up and running! (applause in the background). I also would like to say in all honesty that I have learned more in the few month I have been reading these posts than I have since I started this business. I'm confessing to everyone that it has taught me to be a &quot;bolder bidder&quot;. Some of the information I have had faxed, e-mailed, or snail mailed to me has proven very useful. A lot of it has been applied in my day to day operation. Business is better than ever and it is largely in part to this very forum. This has given me the education that my competitors would never have wanted me to have, funny thing is, they don't know anything about this thing or I would have seen them on it!<p>Now it's time for everybody else to fess up. Have you applied any of this useful information to your daily activities or did you know everything to begin with? I'm not talking about the new guys only here, I'm talking about some of you that have been in business for a while as well. If you have used some of it what was it and did it help. You have to be honest here. Its real easy to give advice, but are you humble enough to say you have used what you got.<p>Again, Many thanks to Chuck, and give us an update on the family when you can.<p>Homer
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    Homer,<br>Ive been in buiness 8 years and i think im doing pretty well. Have i learned anything here? Of course. I check out the site everyday, surf around the net looking for info, and went back to school. You will NEVER know it all. You can always pick something up from others. Even multi million dollar co's go to conferences to learn more or how to improve their buisness. Just remember there is ALWAYS room for imrovement. The more you learn the more you earn! <br>Mark A Musolf
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    I stated in an earlier post that I've learned more in 5 months on this post about the finer details of business management than in the last 4 years on the job.<br>Like others have said, you'll never get straight answers from your local competition; it becomes a threat to them.<br>I feel much more confident about the way I do business. In the past, I thought I was probably 'stabbing in the dark' on alot of things. Turns out many others of you do things the same way I do. This forum definitely will give me an advantage over some of the other co's. in town this year.<br>I'm glad we can get together on a much larger scale & share info to make this industry run smoother & help each other out.<br>Too bad this forum wasn't around 5 yrs. ago, & if I had a computer back then too.<br>Anyways, keep up the good work everbody, & remember diversity (as in mower preferences) is what makes a group strong.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
  4. Stonehenge

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    I just discovered this forum about a month ago, and it's been very enlightening. I got here by way of searching for info on adding snow plowing to my company's services, and ended up having great debates about the services I specialize in (hardscapes), and getting lots of great info for the time when I start a turf mgt division. I can just about write a whole biz plan based on the info provided here.<p>I think this forum shows the basic good in all people - trying to help others they don't know, just because it feels good to do so. I only hope the help I give is close to the value of I get from this forum.
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    i have learned so much about pricing and bidding on this site thank you all, as for snowplowing i just cant get any customers, could it be my location:) this site is the greatest, i have been looking for info on running a lawn service for a long time, finnally i stumbled across this, thanks chuck<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
  6. Lee Homan

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    This site has been a tremendous help to me...has taken alot of the guess work out of many things and kept me from learning the hard way, plus good info on equipment. Definately has saved me time and money.<br>Thanks everybody who has made my life a little easier.<p>P.S. I say we organize a Lawnsite.Com national convention in Las Vegas next year. We can all meet face to face and discuss our favorite topics. A little partying too wouldn't hurt. <p><br>
  7. Eric ELM

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    I have been thanking Chuck for almost a year now, so I guess one more time wouldn't hurt. THANKS CHUCK for providing this site for us. Lawnicure was good, Hall of Forums was even better, but Lawnsite dot Com is awsume. Yes I too learn from this forum and read it daily. This is like the Commercial Lawn Maintenance Library of Information. :) <p><br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
  8. Eric ELM

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    Just wanted to add, 600 members and this is the 6,000 th post. It's really growing.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    I've learned a great deal here and made a few friends online.<p>I'm most interested in the product reviews and opinions offered on the equipment available. heck, after all these posts I might even consider something different than a lesco belt drive!<p>on the other hand, I've read alot of negative comments about people who don't have a store front or park their trailer in their own drive way. this concerns me.<p>all in all, however, if I didn't enjoy the forum I wouldn't check it about 10 times a day.<p>thanks chuck and best wishes to all who post/read here.<p>GEO
  10. scottlawns

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    i too have learned so much here and want to say thankyou,last year when i was new to the mowing i was nervous about the whole thing,this year i have been out bidding jobs and talking to customers and feeling very confident about what i am saying,i have learned so much here and i too am on here looking for new topics about 20 times aday,i would be out plowing but this year in MN i only had 7 plows,i have put alot into making this work and i know it will all work out great,so thankyou Chuck for a great site and thakyou all for all the help,and i think next winter we should all meet in vegas too.<p>scott

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