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    can't say enough good things about his site..<br>i have picked up so much good stuff.<br>the last week has been crazy for me,after picking up so many tips here i have replaced my small truck with a 3/4 ton,bought a ol' 16 ft. dual tandem trailer that i'm restoring to good health,was approved for my first 2 pieces (scag 52&quot; wb and 60&quot; lazer LC)of commercial lawn mowing equipment(GOOD BYE WHEEL!!)..and i took over 1 other lawn care service.And another is downsizing and giving me 6 accounts and passing referls my way!<br>whew........<p>ps..i was the 5000 post just a week ago or so.<p>thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge about a business i enjoy immensely.<p>
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    i dicscovered this forum 7 months ago before when it was hall of forums. Since then i have learned and read so much its incredible. Ive cut grass 10 years ago but now i now so much that i would have never learned without years of experience. I would like to thank whoever puts this together and takes the responsibility of keeping it running. Great job. thank you.<br>
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    I have used the info I have gleemed of of the forum, it has helped me out greatly.<br> <br>Have I thanked Chuck? NOT NEAR ENOUGH.<p> BIG THANKS, GREAT BIG THANKS CHUCK!!!!!<p>I think I was one of the first on the origional site. It helped then and has helped out now for sure.<p>Again thanks Chuch, I know it isnt easy but it is appriciated.<p>Jim

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