Confidence builder: (thanks to all)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by newbomb, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. newbomb

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    A week or so ago I posted a thread called "What would Bobbygedd do?" I basically went out and bid a job the right way and submitted a proposal requiring payment in advance for the first month from new clients. I figured I would never hear from her. Well today the lady leaves me a message saying the price is fine and she wants me to start about the 10th of April (about right here). She says she will mail a check to me about April 1st.

    This is great confirmation that I'm on the right track. To some here it's probably business as usual but for me it's a real confidence builder.

    Thanks to all. -Paul

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Good for you...I'll admit, I still get a tiny thrill every time I sign up a new customer.
  3. bobbygedd

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    wanna really build your confidence? the first time she p!sses you off, just stop showing up, and keep her money! good job paul, how does it feel to be in charge? how does it feel to TELL a client what YOUR policy is, instead of ASKING, or WORRYING about thier choice on a payment plan? nice.
  4. YardPro

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    it's ok to steal if someone ticks you off.
    this is advocating bad business practices. they are pre paying you for service. if you don't perform the service, it's fruad.

    same as paying for merchandise before it's shipped and never recieving it.

    you call the company, and this grouchy mullet sporting guy answers and tells you " you pissed me off, so i'm keeping your money, and not providing you what you pay for.

    it's this sort of behavior that bobblehead advocates that makes people leary of prepaying us for services.
    also keeping thier money without providing thier service is illegal. it's acquisition under false pretense.
  5. bobbygedd

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    it's called losing your deposit cholesterol boy. it happens all the time. you agree to terms, sign on the dotted line, if you break the terms, the contract is null, and you lose your deposit, this is the way REAL businesses do things.

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