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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Catcher, Feb 14, 2001.

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    I'm surprised no one mention this so far, but have you considered a walk behind mower with a sulky?

    You said you have 2.5 acres, which is not that large of a area for a walk behind unit. Also, you mentioned you have slopes, trees, and a lot of obstacles. This being said, I have to say that a walk behind with a sulky may be a good idea.

    In case your not familiar with terms, a sulky is a 'cart' like attachment that you stand on, even can sit on in some cases, that is pulled behind the mower.

    Now, the big thing here is cost. You can get a brand new walk behind, either gear or belt, for well below the price of any rider, even used rider for that case.

    My friend, who mows his small farm, and is our mechanic, got a brand new Encore, 48 inch belt drive AND a brand new echo string trimmer thrown in on the deal for around 2k. The mower was a factory trial mower which had a 14 hp tecumsa 'PRO' engine which didn't really excite him. However, these mowers are built for 40 hr work weeks. Most homeowners don't even put 40 hrs on their mower in a year.
    It may not be the 'best' mower, but it beats the hell out of his old craftsman tractor. For a 100 or 200 more, he could get the sulky, but for know he walks because he says 'the exercise does him good'.

    Not sure if you have considered this, but I would definitely look into it if you could bear the thought of walking or standing instead of sitting.


  2. Catcher

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    Hello and thanks again to everyone.
    Thank you for the links Double_D, I checked them and will continue to do so, looks like there's some good deals to be had there.
    Yes John, you're right. It isn't worth saving 2 grand, that's why I'm looking at older stuff yet, to save more. In the long run I think I'm peeing in the wind, but in the short run I just can't afford the doe on a new unit. I guess I just hope to get lucky to find something not beat all to heck, that'll give me a few years of worry-free service.
    As far as Steve's idea with the walk-behind goes, that was actually the first idea I had, sounded kinda cool - something different, and the exercise thing too. Then I got to think about it and figured that I probably don't need THAT much exercise :)
    I guess between the low-hanging tree branches and my reluctant acceptance of my lazyness I got stuck on a rider; thanks for the thought though.
    I guess when push comes to shove, I'll whine about it long enough until the wife buys me a new one or we hit the lottery. Hmm, wonder which will happen first?
    Happy mowing
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    Catcher, Check eBay. I look there all the time. Do a search on the word "mower". There will be over 300 items. Sometimes there will be ZTR's for sale.
  4. Catcher

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    Thanks Bob,
    been there a few times, there either isn't one, or they are real old, or - what may have been a good deal was on the other coast ........
    I'll keep at it though, you never know.
    I thought I'd seen a post where a guy was going to build his own, maybe I'll give him a year or two and see how it turned out :)
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    Actually, in reply to the walk-behind setup: I was perusing some of the links above and came across some interresting designs, like the Great Dane Super Surfer or the 'Stander'- similar design by someone else, brandnew for for 5k.
    That didn't look too bad ........
    Any thoughts anyone?
    Also, the local Grasshopper dealer is having a contractors open house saturday, any experience with Grasshoppers?
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    Catcher, Use the search function at the top of the web-page. Type in the name of the mower you are interested in, and you will be surprised at the amount of information that has been discussed in the past. You could try Great Dane Super Suffer, or Wright Stander (two of the stand up type mowers) and you can read what has been discussed here on the site.
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    If I were you I would buy a 61 inch walk behind or a 72 inch walk behind. These mowers can be had for almost nothing and they cut real nice. Also if you buy a sulky for behind it you will be almost able to cut just as fast!!!For five years I used a 61 inch scag with a sulky seat and cut alot of grass with it! 2.5 acres would take about an hour!
  8. bob

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  9. awm

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    Id buy that ztr .one that looks good no white or black smoke.Paint it an restore everything to new.Lube and put it on mobil 1.With a little luck an alittle work,you got something to really be proud of.
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    If you decided to check out the commercial walkbehinds look for an exmark or toro. Check on this site in the used equipment forum. Turfquip might have some nice pieces for sale. You can get a walkbehind and sulky and ride with style. The job will get done very fast and you won't spend all day cutting 2.5 acres. I used my 48" walkbehind w/ sulky on larger properties than this and it worked great. Of course, I'm now completely spoiled with my Lazer HP.

    One good walkbehind would probably last you forever cutting only your property.

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