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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nelson, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Nelson

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    I am new to this so please bare with me. I have a full time job know , but am interested in going full time? I do not have many accounts. Here is my ordeal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The job I am with full time. There is talk about shutting the doors.
    I can go & get another job in the same field, with making the same amount of money or a little less, but I started this bussiness last year about August of 2001 (lawn Service)And I know things don't happen over night but I always wanted to have my own bussiness? Here r my questions???????

    1. If my full time job shuts it doors?? Do I go 110% on Lawn Service? With not to many accounts? And listen to my wife complain about the money situation? ( She really is a good wife)
    Just covering myself lol lol

    2. Do I get another job in the same field & do it part time? Until
    I get more accounts?

    3. Do I get bonded & Insured with what little acounts I have?

    4. I know there is work out there, but I started to late in the season{just trying to convince my wife is the hard part}

    5. Here is a list of my Equipment. Is this OK for starters?

    1 32" Toro walk behind w/sulky. PB 360 blower, 2 echo weedeaters, toro 21" push mower, Amigo Isuzu & 5x8 trailer

    Any help will be appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 65hoss

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    1st off would be what kind of work do you do full time? If I was a doctor I would rethink this, otherwise keep considering.

    It can be done, some people fail, some succeed. Every person is different. Some people can sell sand in the desert, but some can't sell food to the hungry. Personnally I would starve before I worked for someone again. Control of my own life is more important to me. Actually I consider being in my own biz more secure. If your working for someone and they shut the doors, like your situation, your without work. If you have your own customers and you lose 1, you still have many others.
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    I like #2 .... keep working .... till you can not do that n maintain what accounts you have or will get ...... don't need the bond ....the occupational license n insurance is a must …DON’T spray …. Remember in Fla even Round Up you need at least 3 years in business …8 hours yearly class n pass the limited Pest Control License …. Law reads they only have to find it on the truck ….not even see you spraying it ….lot of guys do it ….but it is a $5k fine

    get the name n set up at the bank ….get square with local state n fed requirements ….. you can start with the books ….but please see a CPA

    the equip is OK for now ....BUT soon as possible upgrade to the largest WB or Z you can afford .... a 36" will do but with the 32" I'd at least shoot for a 48"

    by mid to late Feb ..... get as many post cards you can afford to blanket neighbor hoods you'd like to be working in ..... get a big sign for the trailer ..... leave business cards n flyers everywhere

    Good Luck ;->
  4. Nelson

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    In the Transportation Industry. I am a Parts manager for a Tractor Trailer repair facility.
  5. sheppard

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    Dear Nelson, I am 45 and wished I would have sarted in this business 15 years ago when the thought kept coming at me to jump in. There will come a time in your life when you will wonder if you took enouph risks when you were 'younger'. America was made for and by people who did not want to work for 'somebody else' all their life. This type of work is perfect for an ambitious guy. If you decide to do this, and I hope you do, go at it like a piranna and get as many accounts as you can handle. Get insurance NOW!!! Get a line of credit from your banker and get some sound financial business advice. Incorporate when you can afford to (it will protect your family from the inevitable suit). If possible try for a split between commercial and residential accounts. Get everybody on a 12 month agreement! And the last thing- the three most important words in this business are "proximity, proximity, proximity!"

  6. The number 3 is easy to answer ,get insured
    Only you know your situation and id hate to advise you
    But if you have the resources i say go for it.
    I worked 30 years with gm tectnially 27 ,3 in armey .I hated it
    the only thing kept me there was the benifits and pay ,but i was unhappy .Since i have been in this business i have never been so happy .BUT my deal is different from yours i have medical benefits and a good pension check so it is easier for me to say go for it.
    But if you do other than bit**** customers it is a great business
  7. Nelson

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    I am sure thankful for this website. I am sure by the looks of thing I will get alot of replies. I thank everybody & this website. For any help. Some people was not as fortunate as I am to have this kind of website when thay were trying to start a Lawn Service.
    Thanks again !!!!!!!
  8. GroundKprs

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    If you can start a business in a recession economy, AND SURVIVE(??), you are well on your way to long term success. It is difficult to get a good business going in a good economy, so be ready to rough it if you try now. But if you survive, you know for sure that you've got what it takes.

    But other considerations: family to support, insurance to pay for the family, etc. If I had those concerns, I would probably retain the security until my business was well on the way to supporting itself. In this scenario, you need to know a definite point (revenue level) that you will cut your umbilical cord, or you will hurt your business by hanging onto the security too long.
  9. tranum

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    i too was in transportation. answered a non-stop telephone all day for 18 yrs. when i decided to get in this business i was able to rearrange my work schedule so i could get off at 1:00 each day.
    after i got 18-20 customers i knew something had to go so i bailed on "the man" & i have never looked back. i live in a very small town, heck a small county (about 14000) & i'm doing ok. just make sure you provide quality work & treat your customers the way you would like to be treated & you'll do fine.
  10. Green Care

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    Well, Nelson follow your thought #2 +3.:confused:

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