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    I am new to the mowing business. When I went to look for a mower I came back home screaming. It seems that there are a 1000 different things to consider,Not just brand but width bolted ,or welded, floating or not floating deck. What kind of motor not to mention the 10,000 other things I was told I needed. This is my my situation .I have 3 residential acounts , plans for more. Maybe even a commercial one someday. I was thinking 50 inch zero turn mower.budget 6 to7k for rider, push, trimer, trailer , and whatever else I need. Now if you will tell me what I really need and if possible on my budget. I already have a truck. thanks lampshade
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    Whats the avg size lawn?.........gates?..........kinds of terrain?..........:waving:
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    Totally agree. Lamphade the 3 that you have are they large properties???

    As far as zero turn, you would blow your whole budget on one. Totally dependig on your situation, but I think that you would be much better off getting a good wb. What size? That would depend certain things as well. Like nocutting had asked about gates and terrain. Most gates will be 36'' or larger(Some are not). Here is what I would do(Again depends on situation): I would get a good 36''wb, a good commercial grade string trimmer, a good commercial grade stick edger(if you need it), a good commercial grade blower, and a good ole 21'' push. I would take some of the money to start an advertising campaign to get that 3 accounts up. I would use whats left over as a cash reserve, because the one thing you do not want to ever do in business is find yourself in a place where you need money and do not have it. As the business grows and the cash is there then you buy the zero turn. Allow the business justify the expense. That is just my opinion.
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    This thread is badly in the wrong forum. I see nothing in here that would relate to goose control. Needs to be moved to the just starting forum or something..

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