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    A few minutes ago I went to the local Exmark dealer and he qouted me on some prices, he seemed not to knowledgable and some of his prices seemed weird, here is what he qouted me on:

    Metro 36" with 15 hp kohler = 2399 ( he said thats with pistols, and the ecs kit is 250 bucks.. )

    metro 36" with 15hp kawasaki w/ ecs = 3199

    he made it sound like you could only get pistols and the ecs was only a kit, i know thats not true because i looked at your brochure

    now, this is what gets weird..

    metro 48" with 15 hp kohler = 2399

    There has to be something wrong here.. could one of you exmark guys help me out so i can work this out with the dealer?

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    The prices are the same that I have here in our book. Except for the Metro 36"15KA, that is the pricing for the Metro HP ECS. Your dealer is 50 bucks cheaper on the handle kit than what we show.

    We have only been in production with the Metro ECS for a few months. It may be close to spring before your dealer will get these units. That is probably why he is selling the handle cheaper.

    Your dealer seems to be pretty good on his prices, but it is always safe to check. Feel free to contact me directly if you still have any concerns.

    Thanks, Fred.
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    eXmark is worth every penny!! Love eXmark, my dad is a dealer in Louisiana

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