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    Looking for some help. Ive been doing all sorts of aspects of landscaping for about 6 years now. Everything from irrigation for a summer to foreman of a lighting company for 4 years now at a cemetery doing all grounds maintenance. My problem is I own my own small snow plowing company for about 4 years now doing mainly commercial lots. Still working full time at the cemetery with no plan to leave there anytime soon. Maybe in 10 years from now but not right now. I am confused about where i want to take my landscaping/plowing business. The plowing is plowing and its fine. But im up in the air about landscaping this coming season. Two seasons ago i did strickly hardscaping jobs patios/walls/walks. I rent the large equipment , bobcats excavators and own the small equipment plate compactor cut off saws. So that good but last summer was slow w/ that and the economy. SO i picked up a gravely pro 40 for cheap money and picked up some mowing accounts got a trailer a walk behind blower just the i dont want to over book myself w/ both this year i have a large patio/wall job lined up and i am dropping my largest mowing customer because there is a new owner of the appartment complex and he is not great at paying up when his plow bill comes. I gues it may all be a little too much info but i cant decide which way i wanna go. I am so broad w/ work but such a small time side opperation that i dont know if i should go more into construction or more into maintenance. Does anybody have any ideas/insight that could help. I am willing to part with equipment to spruce up equipment on the other line i just cant decide which direction i should go. Thanks for the hlep and sorry for all the wording just really confused if i should focus more maintenance or more hardscaping/construction. Thanks guys
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    Dude...the only place to find that answer is between your ears.
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    i agree just lookin for some words of wisdom from some guys that have been there done that type of thing thanks for the help tho dude
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    best i can say is do what you enjoy doing. cause if you don't have any heart in the business and aren't already turning a high profit, you wont succeed (and be happy).

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