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  1. jay317

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    I have a toro walk behind and i changed the oil and i used 10w-30 mobil 1 synthetic and when i was operating it white smoke started to come out of the engine,so i replaced the oil with hd sae 30 and now it doesnt smoke anymore im a little confused i thought mobil one was good for these engines(kawasaki 460)
  2. Nosmo

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    It can happen. How many hours are on your machine ? I believe most mowers are recommended to run dino oil the first 100 hours.

    On the other hand - some recommend not to begin using synthetic oil in an older engine. The parts are worn enough to allow the thin synthetic oil to pass between more easily than dino oil which allows using oil and burning oil.

  3. dunnbar

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    sounds like it had too much oil in it.
  4. CHRIS92789

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    You put to much oil in the machine i did that one time with my scag walkbehind. If it was black smoke that would be bad... but your fine as long as you took some out or changed it.

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