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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by IowaLawnEnforcement, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. IowaLawnEnforcement

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    I started my lawn care business last october and did good with fall cleanups, but I cant seem to convert any of those customers to mowing. First they say yes we will keep you on for the new season but as the season approaches they wont answer my calls or slam the door in my face. These are clients that said they would recommend me to anyone. It is really getting difficult to understand. The only good thing I have going is a city contract for a cemetary and two small parks.

    What is the average amount of clients for a first year lco:hammerhead:
  2. Raven386

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    it can be 0 or it can be 100. it depends on how much you advertise, how much you can handle. and if you do good work.
  3. supercuts

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    maybe they dont like police, have you ever thought about changing your name. maybe knowing you work in law enforcement is a deterant to them. the people i know who do landscaping never mention it.
  4. daveintoledo

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    where you way low, so they used you for the cleanups, but kept there regular lawn guy.....

    what are you chargeing for mowing?

    did you do a good job on the cleanups?

    maybe they think they pay too much money in taxes, and that your already making a good living as a police officer (not to say this is fact) but maybe perception....
  5. IowaLawnEnforcement

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    i dont work in law enforcement It is Iowa (Lawn) Enforcement it is a name I will stick with.
  6. daveintoledo

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    not what i ment, just trying to help you narrow down the problems......
  7. hackitdown

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    Don't worry about it. I have only a handfull of customers that take all services. I have several that call me only for cleanups. I have lots that want only mowing. Some want only dethatching and aeration.

    It doesn't matter, there is no way to predict what a customer will do, or will want in the future. Just keep advertising, selling, working. All I can suggest is to advertise services based on the season. People call to solve a specific problem, not to establish a relationship with a landscaper. The relationship thing happens over time.
  8. ooo

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    How did you advertise? Id go flyer or direct mail those neighborhoods you are in (including last years customers). Also, go flyer near by neighborhoods with pricey homes.
  9. topsites

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    I would go out and do some advertising, it will help.
  10. paul vroom

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    WIth that name I am sure that they think you only do it part time for extra income and that you are not a pro, thats what I thought. Cops in my town pull landscapers over all the time, I think its because they do it or their fellow officers are doing it. If that is happening in your town it could be the other lawn care providers going out of their way to trash you thinking your a cop. You sound determined to stick with it so be patient the clients will come. Advertising is a good move but word of mouth is the best, do a good job and it will happen.

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