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    I am just now beginning my lawn care business and I have a couple of questions. I will be targeting suburban areas as potential customers but I have no clue what price to charge for mowing, trimmimg hedges, or trimming trees. I thought about using the by the hour factor to figure my price but I now realize since I do not know how long it will take for each job I can't exatly do that. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to estimate the time it will take by the size of the lawn. I am going to be pretty much doing most everything considered in the landscaping and lawn maintenance I just need a little help on how to price.
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    You may want to consider offering just basic services first, until you get a handle on pricing.

    It's really hard to say how long it will take you... Depends on the size/speed of the mower, the size of the lot, and how many obstacles there are to mow around, and trim around. If you're edging sidewalks and driveways, there's more time yet.

    Also different areas of the country will tolerate higher prices than others. I have no idea what the market is like in TX.

    It's one of those things you need to just learn as you go. You will learn very quickly.

    No, I didn't throw any prices out there. You'll have a rough time getting any kind of specific prices because of the variables involved. Also, proper pricing depends on costs, and how much you want to make after your costs are covered.
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    Depends on your equipment. I charge $60 an hour w/ a $30 minum. So if I can mow a yard in 30 minutes or less it's 30 bucks. Most yards in my area are 1/4 acre or less. Some guys on here say they charge by the square foot?
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    I normally charge $45 to cut, edge, and blow a 1/4 lot and goes up from there. But like fiveoboy01 said different areas can handle higher prices.

    I normally can eyeball an acre or less lot so as soon as I get to the lot I know what Im going to charge the homeowner. As Im walking the property with the homeowner Im really just showing them how knowledgeable I am and probing him/her for what they are looking for so I can see how to sell them on my company. If things go as planned, by the time we get back to the front of the house I have already got the green light from my new client.

    Hopes this helps:)

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    Wow....I am not at all trying to be rude, but you are starting a lawn care biz and are clueless (as you put it) on pricing???? I may be assuming too much but that leads me to believe you have not much prior experience, if you had worked for an LCO in the past you would've picked up some of the basics of pricing for your area at least.

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