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Congrats Chuck 20,000 posts


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good.... i new i wasnt crazy. I remember the first night i came across hallofforums. there was a little over 400 posts and i spent 5 hours that night reading every single post. I thought it was great to finally have a q&A board. To this day i have continued to read everysingle post since november. Dosnt matter how tired i am when i get home from work... until i read the days posts i do not do anything else. By the way is there a site i can go to see old posts from the original hallofforums?<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Evan528


I'm also interested in older issues of this forum. This is pretty interesting. I've checkedout a couple of others. This is great!!!!!!!


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Hey Grassman, You sure catch a lot of hell over on LT don't you, I don't know why you put up with it or respond to BG's crap!
Oh, i have learned to take it more in stride, but he does kinda ruin it a bit, and is the reason he is banned everywhere but there...even in AU!


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McMurray, PA
How many remember hallofforums? I sure do. My join date was 12/23/1999, when the Forum was managed under hallofforums, and Chuck (referred to in the early posts in the thread) was the administrator.


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what happened to chuck? all i knew was sean adams, and where did he step in then?