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Pat yourselves on the back. On the Kohler issue we've managed to fall into complacency - the initial thread is dropping into obscurity and frankly, I hope no one chooses to resurrect it//

On a larger scale, What is it about the dynamic of this forum that causes things not to get done on certain issues? Our egos too big ... blow off a little steam between mowing shifts?

Maybe Chuck's not quite "there" yet but I think he should appoint a committee to lobby manufacturers on behalf of members in matters of problem resolution; group purchasing discounts, etc. Chuck needs to surround himself with intelligent, articulate business people as LS continues to grow; ones who can quickly generate "talking points" on any subject on a moments notice/

All that does take funding though...



Like I had mentioned before.

LawnSite.com is in its infancy.... "you havent seen anything yet".

I have been concentrating on building a stable system and member database. I have not had the time to sit down and contact manufacturers, etc.

LawnSite.com and inner projects take a LOT of time and money. There is just not enough hours in the day to get it all done by myself.

I have about half a dozen projects going on right now that will be fueled by LawnSite.com. I just need to get them done and available for the members.

Chuck Keough


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Chuck, I can't wait to see what's up your sleeve! :)


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Keep up the good work Chuck, can't imagine what you have in store for the future, but from what you have created now i'm sure it will be awesome!


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Just asking. What do you feel the people participating in the Kohler thread should do? You seem to have strong feelings on the issue obviously. Chuck does enough to provide this site for us, so for the sake of my comments, let's leave him out of it. Many of us post at this site to ask, answer, & many times blow off steam about our green industry related businesses. I have a Kholer engine & it used to run badly until my mechanic was working on it & made an adjustment that he said the factory sends out incorrectly. (I don't remember what it was, but if anyone cares I can ask him) Since then it has run fine. From what I read in that thread a lot of guys had serious problems with their Kohlers, and a lot of people spoke up to say they are great. It also sounds like the ones having problems are not getting good customer service in resolving those issues & I hope I never have that problem. Now, what exactly do you think members of the forum could do to help those guys having the service problems. Being the strongest advocate of getting Kohler to change their ways, did you offer to start some sort of petition drive to ask Kohler to get their act together. Or maybe offer to organize some sort of boycott? I can't think of any other ideas , but if you have good ones, by all means get them going if you feel you (and Lawnsite) can make a difference. This might be more constructive than making a chastising comment like "What is it about the dynamic of this forum that causes things not to get done on certain issues? Our egos too big ... " I think that the people who were having problems felt pretty good to have a forum of their peers to "blow off steam" to regarding their Kohler problems, even though blowing off that steam probably doesn't actually do anything to help their situations. There have been many other blowing off steam threads & posts here & for the most part it seems like everyone else tries to help support that person with their comments & without actually doing something about it. So it seems to me you should do something about the issue instead of commenting that the forum is doing nothing about it. Just my thoughts on your comments. Whew I'd better get back out into the rain, too much thinking here at the computer on this dark day.


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I, for one, have had no problems with Kohler, nor do I know of anyone outside of the ***** session thread who has had problems.

Could be that the thirty or so engine problems discussed in your thread are just a drop in the bucket compared to the millions of engines in trouble-free service.


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As an active member in 3 local, 2 state and 1 national association, I'd like to think I'm "in tune" with what's going on out there.

Kohler definetly has a problem.

I do think they're getting better, though.

In 1998 my LOCAL dealer replaced 214 "SAM" modules (Spark Advancement Module) + countless headgaskets, etc.

Isolated? Hardly.

(BTW: I doubt Kohler has more than 1 million engines in use today. Possibly, if you count the ones WAITING for service at dealers.)


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We shouldn't have to do anything to communicate with Kohler. All manufacturers should be monitoring each and every post on this forum. They could better their products and make them more attractive to their customers (us). The internet is the number one way Americans and I guess the rest of the world, gather information. That is why I can't belive Great Dane has no website and that Kohler hasn't responded to the aforementioned thread. Possibly Chuck could create a new designation in addition to Member, Senior Member, etc. A new Manufacturers Representative designation. This way they could acknowledge the concerns we have and let us know what they are doing to remedy the situation. My one and only point is if I were a manufacturer I would patrol these boards like no tomorrow. New ideas could be gained and a definite competitive advantage could be gained by listening to someone other than their own area reps.
to respond to me in any fashion other than to tell me it's my fault. I am still waiting for them to take a proactive step in resolving the probelm without me applying large amounts of pressure.

Some business's jsut cannot undrstnd the dynamics of todays end user market, because they have little or no contact with the end user market, nor do they give a damn about the end user market. Those of us affected by there problems have daily contact with the end user market, our customer, who also does not give a damn about our engine problems or extra cost incurred because of a defective product.

Just a few isolated case on Lawnsite ?? Thats BS. You take the number of prolem cases cited on this forum, multiply that by, or 200,000 or so and you might have a grip on the number of problems that manufactuer has out there. I have inside information from people in manufacturing companies, that they and Kohler are well aware of the exent of the problems,but are scared sh--less about the economical ramifications of the problems they are having. Just deny theres a problem and thus, there is no problem. Blame it on the idiot's who use the machines.

As for this forum, I intend to stay close to it and I am going to contact Chuck about some things I have working. This is bu far, the most used forum for truf care I have found yet, including some sponsored by major publications, and the cost prohibitive ALCA Association and forums. Their cost are out of site.This has the highest registered site that I am aware of.

The Internet will be a valuable, non deniable, essenial part of every ones day to day business. Get on now, or get blown by.

I do not send in those stupid circle the number cards anymore. I do not call 800 numbers. I do not wait for salespeople to call me with lies and bullshit, and overpriced products. I go to the Internet, and the web sites and communicate with vendors and clients that way. I take charge of my research and purchasing process. I know the costs of vehicles before we buy, I know to avoid Kohler, I know Turfco is pioneering the way equipment will be purchased in the future, I own UPS stock. Better be on the web or have a web site or I am not looking at it.

Done for the day. OUT.



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Originally posted by turfquip dot com

Chuck needs to surround himself with intelligent, articulate business people as LS continues to grow; ones who can quickly generate "talking points" on any subject on a moments notice/

Well, he already has ONE, his name is Eric.