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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mikekinney, Aug 2, 2005.

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    To all you Lawncare,Landscaping, Snowplowers, has there been any good that your Congressmen has done for your industry to help support with your Small Business concerns, like funding to keep jobs here and funding to help with Health insurance issue, or Just bringing money back from Washington to spread out to the Small Business in your area? I live in upstate NY and have contacted Congressmen Mchugh for several years now on these issues to bring back funding to help the local Small Businesse's be competitive, but nothing has happened to meet those needs of concerns.When you go for years trying to get Contracts from the Federal or State to provide for your Family and employees and continue to get nothing but the runaround from your Congressmen then its time to address this problem via websites, when you see billions of no bids contracts going to Companies that are not providing the work for that kind of money at the tax payers expense and billions that can't be accounted for then its time to hold the people accountable for those decision.

    Mike Kinney
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    Hi mikekinney,

    Have you thought about getting involved with any of the trade associations who lobby government officials? You might find it to be a great outlet for your concerns.

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