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    I posted a thread on here about a month ago about how to study for the CT 3a supervisor exam. My studying is going well, thanks for all of your opinions. I recieved alot more study materials at the first class and I am halfway through the class now. Flashcards seemed to work the best, and they were easy to make since I copied pages of decriptions of pests out of the manuals and made my own flashcard with hardly any writing. My last class was on turf insects and I did not learn anything, because of all the studying I did before hand. My weak area is going to be ornamental insects. Im not too worried about ornamental diseases because the instructor told us there are not many ?s about them.

    My questions to you experienced guys are when you took the test, were there any areas that you wished you studied more of. Where there any areas that surprised you and there were alot of focus on in the test?

    Im more interested in CT answers but I appreciate all answers though.

    Also maybe some advice could be cool too.

    Thank You
  2. Scagmower48

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    I'm sorry, this won't be all that helpful, but it sounds like you are applying yourself. If only 20% (I think that is the Connecticut pass rate) pass, be sure there isn't anyone in your class that seems to know more than you. It's about outworking the others in a sense. If you are in the top 10% of your class... know what I mean?

    The instructor will know much more about the specifics... do you know how many versions of the test there are, and how often they change them?

    When I took my NY test, it was a completely new version, and they used 3 different tests in the room that day. It sounds like you are really bustin yer nut... keep doing that and you will pass.

    Hopefully you will get some replies from some Connecticut people... if not, keep at it in any case. I'd wish you luck, but you are making your own luck right now. The CORE should be similar to NY. Know how to figure out square footage and formulations and how to mix. That is almost 40% of the CORE I took in NY.
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    thanks whitney

    just one thing the pass rate for CT is 35-45%. Thats coming from the pesticide coordinator.

    I am a full time student in college so sometimes finding time to study is hard.

    i have tons of study material, and I feel even if I don't pass on the first time, I will be better prepared on the 2nd time since I will realize what I need to study. I take the test on march 3rd.

    I am hoping I pass on the first time though.

    Well I have a couple hours to study the ornamental insects (my weakness) so I be back after to see if anyone else can help me.

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    Im in Bristol and would like to know more about the certifactions. If you dont mind telling where i can get the classes.
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    A few key points:

    Written Exam:

    Don't over think the test. It is hard, but go in there cool and confident, and if you don't pass, you can just take it again. There is a lot of material to know. Don't waste a lot of time studying the core manual stuff. It is pretty straight forward. Really study the life cycles of the grub. Know your turf pests, and ornamental pests as well as the diseases. There are some questions on the ornamental stuff, and being that I am mainly a turf guy, thats where I focused on studying. If you know the turf diseases you are good to go.

    Oral Exam:

    -Know the posting sign rules/regualtions i.e. distances apart to be placed
    -life cycle of the grub. be able to explain to them
    -usually will ask you about scale and how to treat
    -I was asked about what mite damage looked like and how do you treat
    -Know about the supervisory license. i.e. how many years is it good for, and what you can and can't treat with it.
    -I was asked about apple scab as well as sod webworm.

    Those are a few things I recall definately being asked to me when I took it. I wish you luck. It definately feels good when you get that passing grade:drinkup: Like stated above, if you study, you will do fine.
  7. tremor

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    Here is some advice that should serve you well: Once you pass the written you'll go for the oral. Do NOT ever guess or makeup an answer. It's better to say "I don't know" than to guess. Then demonstrate that you know where to get the accurate information needed to make the proper treatment.

    Case in point: Like yourself, I was a lawn hose jockey. I must have wreaked of 2,4-D having aced every turf question. My "inquisitor" started to focus on tree pests. I honestly told her I was doomed but she persisted. She asked about Bronze Birch Borer. I told her that the treatment options were (at the time) Dursban & Lindane. She wanted to know which I would use. I told her Dursban because it had a higher LD50 & controls rather than causes mite problems. She liked that. Then she asked if I would spray today? Not being sure if the spray window was timed "open" I answered No. "I need to know the date & life cycle."

    "Good", she said, "It's Mothers Day weekend."

    I told her I thought that was OK but I'd check my CT pest guide issued by her office to be sure.

    "You don't have it today"

    "I always have it in the glove box." I told her.

    "Your truck is in the shop. You forgot to take the pest guide" she replied.

    "I'll call your office."

    "You can't. Today's a National holiday. We're off."

    "I'll call my office. I have another copy of the state's pest guide there."

    "No one is there."

    "There's always someone there. We have 30 full time employees. There is always someone there. Even our bookkeeper can read it to me."

    "Nope. Not today. There was a fire alarm."

    "Then I'm out of business."

    "Mrs' Jones has her checkbook out....."

    "She'll have it on Monday too. I'll read your pest guide, then call her to schedule another visit on Monday."

    "We'll notify you of your results in a few weeks. Have a nice day."

    I passed
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    :eek: And here I am worrying about a NYS DEC audit. Sounds like the answer is "If I don't have the answer, I will NEVER apply until I am 101% sure that the weather, stars, the bugs, the state's pest guide and my bladder are all in perfect alignment and harmony.

    Just as an aside.... would a Merit soil drench have been a wrong answer for the Bronze Birch Borer? I ask because in the real world, I think that would be my treatment approach. Bad LD50, but systemic and effective.
  9. turf hokie

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    Ld50 means nothing to me when it is a drench, a drench is a reduced risk application in NY.

    Steve, can you sit next to me when I go for my CT test????? and I can say I will call Steve, I have his cell # and he is NEVER on holiday???
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    Wow thank you to everybody who responded. You are all very encouraging.

    The instructor told us that almost everybody passes the core. I read the core two times and its pretty much common sense, so im not worried about that. Though I'll prolly skim through it quickly before testing.

    I feel real confident about turf diseases and turf insects, especially the white grub.

    My next point of study is ornamental insects. I need to know 27 of them so im aiming at 3 a day or so starting today. I also need to start studying the weeds. 2 classes from now are the dosage calculations class. Im not too worried because I went through my sample ?s. The instructor also told us there are very few ornamental disease ?s. I did study them and I will continue to, but im not worried about them.

    While I feel good about taking the test (better than I thought I ever would be) I must face the fact that I might fail, which I am alright with because I will learn what I need to study better, I will then study for several more months, and take the test again in late summer, when all I have to worry about is lawn mowing and not college. This whole process has been one big learning experience. For instance before I started study I never knew that a grub pupates into a beetle.

    I know I will eventually pass. FAIL or PASS I will post of my experience in a few months. So if anyone has anything else to add please do as it is much appreciated. Threads like this, are actually a thread where people can learn something.

    Thank You

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