Conserva looks for clients with cheesy low ball come ons...

Discussion in 'Business Management' started by Love the Green Biz, Oct 30, 2019.

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    I posted this in Franchising but wanted to share it here as well. Conserva has been posting these signs illegally on town and private property:

    Conserva sign.jpg
    They claim a large area around North Jersey as a service area where the rates are higher. They don't realize that all they will attract are the type of customer most of us can do without-the floaters. Plus they will be driving around with poor route density.

    Add to this that when advertising irrigation services in NJ they must post their license number or they can be fined. Apparently they don't want anyone to know who they got to buy a franchise or this information would be prominently displaced.

    Another franchise operation-Pacific Lawn Sprinklers-tried this same scheme a while back trying to scarf up BOs for $50 claiming to service ALL of NJ. Yeah-good luck with that.

    What none of these franchise operators seem to understand is that good clients don't readily jump ship when satisfied with their current vendors at first sight of a shiny object. Only the poor excuses for a customer will jump at these come-ons.

    Franchise buyers more often than not become disillusioned when the promise of riches and some form of prestige fail to live up to the billing. At the very least if claims of superior irrigation services are on the up and up then do the right thing-charge a premium for such purported benefits-not a cheesy come on low ball offer.
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    This may not be part of the discussion you were looking for but...........I can never understand why anyone would want to own a franchise like this whether it be for irrigation, lawn care, or landscape lighting (like me.)
    I just looked up the Conserva website and there is a franchisee on the east side of Cleveland, about 85 miles from my city. There is no mention of a cheap blowout price but they sure do list cities in a large geographical service area; not my city but a small rural village nearby where I doubt anyone has irrigation. How could they reasonably serve such a large area when there are many local irrigation companies?
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    Without going into to much detail. They attempt to sub out to other irrigation guys in the broad array of coverage areas.
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    That's nuthin...we've got some idiot posting signs for $50 blowouts.
  6. OP
    Love the Green Biz

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    Sure that's not those Pacific folks? Or is it just local flavor?
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    I agree-I just don't get forking over large franchise fees when you can build the business on your own. After all it's not a Stanley Stream deal with national advertising. If their recommended methods to obtain clients are to solicit the lowest common client with cheap road signs I would say you wasted your money. That and trying to cover huge areas are the formula for low to no profits at the end of the year.
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    I hate those da*n signs.
  9. OP
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    An update on Conserva signs-they got a HO to allow them to put it on their front lawn.

    BIG problem for Conserva-this HO is on my Blacklist. He is among the cheapest, most dishonest floaters I have ever encountered with a total wreck of a system.

    Good luck to Conserva for acquiring this "prized" account-you're going to need it!! :clapping::rolleyes::laugh:
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