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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Deere_Daze, May 21, 2006.

  1. Deere_Daze

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    Right now Ive got a Honda Harmony II. I like the engine, but the deck sucks.
    The grass in my yard is kinda thick and the deck plugs up all the time. I pretty much have to scrape the deck every time I mow or else it will plug up like crazy and the engine will lug much of the time.
    This is the only steel deck mower Ive ever owned that was this bad about plugging up. I even got the rear-discharge kit for it, and it still plugged up (poor chute design, IMO).
    I went and looked at some Deere walkbehind mowers yesterday and they look pretty good. I really liked the aluminum decked one with the Kawi 7 hp, but $800 for a walkbehind mower is more than I can afford.
    They had a nice steel decked 3-speed one with a 6.75 hp Briggs motor for $500. It looks like its built as least as beefy as my Honda is, and the discharge setup looks like it wont plug up as much as my Honda does.
    So, we all know that Deere's tractors are pretty sweet, but how well do their walkbehinds hold up?
  2. lawnmaniac883

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    Cut your grass more often!
  3. Boonman

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    I agree. our Harmony works fantastic, although the bag is a bit small. It has the plastic deck however, but it runs and cuts grass fantastic on every area we need it to. I was using it in the rain 3 days ago, and had zero issues with it plugging. This is with a low lift main blade, and I do have the mulching blade on as well.
  4. DavesLawnCarePlus

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    You need to buy the JS40.... It's a variable speed drive, excellent deck design, great mulching, even on the first cuts of the year. I just bought 2 of them, 723.00 a piece (canadian including taxes) Made 200 dollars a piece on their first day, plus I can get the tax back. They're a great little mower, only thing missing is the Blade Brake Clutch but it's not a big deal. They work excellent!!!!!

  5. MMLawn

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    I own a ton of JD commercial mowers and thought I could help you but sorry, when you posted walkbehind I thought you meant a real WB, like a 36" or bigger. Most LCO's don't consider or think of a 21" mower a WB, but a trim mower and for that I use Honda and Toro Commercials but they are over a grand each.
  6. Deere_Daze

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    Your's has the plastic deck. I dont think the problem is that I need to mow more often. I used to have an old Honda HR214 that I mulched with. It had a GX engine that was 4 hp and it NEVER bogged like this one does. That one has the aluminum deck though, and the grass didnt collect on the underside of the deck like it does on this one.
  7. Deere_Daze

    Deere_Daze LawnSite Member
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    Glad to hear you like them. I think Im going with the JA62. It lists for $609 and has the aluminum deck and OHV Briggs engine. It doesnt have the caster wheels, but picking up the front of the mower for turning isnt a big deal to me.
    Thanks for all your opinions. Its much appreciated.

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