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Considering a Hustler ... help !!

Left Field

LawnSite Member
Hello All ,

I have a Little League sized Baseball field and am considering a Super Z . I have seeded with a Perenial Ryegrass mix and I intend to keep it at 1.25 inches . My ?'s are many ... Why Hustler ? Why not Toro or Deere ? Which engine ? I am also considering a reel mower , as the quality of cut is hugely important to me . I do realize that a rotary will be easier to live with , but will I like the quality of the cut ? Does the striper do a good job ? Basically I'm in need of some advice from an expert . Any help is much appreciated !! Thanks a ton !!!



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Syracuse, NY
1.25 ???
That is quite low for a rotary mower, it would have to be pool table flat for a rotary mower to cut it without scalping it.
It would also need to be mowed about every other day at that height.
Are you sure you want a rotary?
Look at the build quality of the brands you are looking at, look at the components used in the unit.
And most of all drive them and compare them.