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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TheGreenerGardener, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Hi everyone! I have been lurking the past few days and really enjoy learning and reading about every one's experiences in this industry. Thanks for sharing!

    I currently run a "green" business in Ventura County, CA. I have been in business for almost two years and am making very little money (Less than 20 clients). Immigrants and massive landscaping crews keep prices very low (Some people demand $40/month for weekly service!) and it is making it very hard to compete. I have made some improvements and upgrades to improve service times but whenever I ask for even $35/visit people try to talk me down to $20.

    Here's where I need advice. My girlfriend and I are looking to move out of state. This requires me to lose everything I have built and try to start back up in a new location in hopes that the lower cost of living will make it easier to make money. Worth it? Anyone ever relocate and start over? Anyone have experience working with battery power in the south? I am also a very good musician (Have to support myself somehow) and considered giving up entirely on gardening and trying to become a pro in Nashville.

    We are considering Nashville, TN. Bend, OR. Vancouver, WA. and Boise, ID. Please, any suggestions for great spots are welcome.

    Any input anyone can provide would be really cool. We've hit kind of a wall because I am terrified of losing all of this and finding out my business isn't profitable in the market we move to.

    If this makes no sense, I am happy to clarify and provide more info.

    Again, thanks for all the info, I and many others appreciate it.
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    Unless you have at least 18 months savings in the bank to cover all your daily expenses, save until you do and make up your mind what you really want to accomplish. I suspect the only states that are really looking for labor ATM would be north,south Dakota. This is mainly due to the oil industry and any and all related businesses. If you choose to make the move without enough funds or employment in place when you do make the move remember my warning now and don't do it!
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    N. Dakota is booming right now, but it is a lousy climate IMO... so jobs may be available there... once you find a job then you should be able to start the business back up...

    Otherwise the whole country is out of work, until China takes over...

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