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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by start2finish, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. start2finish

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    We are considering trading our L4630 Kubota Cab tractor on one of these

    These are new. 4320 is our choice. If we trade we will be going from a glide shift to a e-hydro. Seems like we can adjust to it. The Kubota is a great tractor, but John Deere's cab and operator station is awesome. Check it out and any experience with these "Twenty Series" e-hydros and hopefully JD cabs would be greatly appreciated. Also the L4630 would be for sale about one month while we wait on our new tractor. If we still owned it then it goes to the JD dealer.
  2. K&L Landscaping

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    I just bought a 3320 JD with the eHydro transmission and it is truly AWESOME! No shifting gears is like a dream come true. I can't wait to get it out on our bigger mulch jobs and save a ton of time. I almost bought the "Reverser" transmission but I special ordered the eHydro and had to wait a few weeks on it but i'm so glad I did. The eHydro is only a $825 option and I would strongly encourage you to get that set up. I got mine with a 300CX loader and a MX-5 cutter. I have played with it quite a bit here at home and the more I work with it the more capable I find the machine to be. Take a trip up here to Asheville and check out the guy's at Parkway Tractor (828-687-8666 and ask for Curtis) they will treat you right, they really want to sell tractors. I bought mine for less than a comparable Massey or New Holland.
  3. start2finish

    start2finish LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks for the reply, The e-hydro is our only option for transmissions in the cab. We buy our deeres from Byrd's Tractor in Burlington. 4600 (40hp) and 7520 (120 hp) already own. I know John Deere makes a great tractor they always have. I'm not knocking Kubota either. As for a open cab tractor the Grand L series is great. But we bought the Cab Grand L last April and I has been great to us. We checked out the Deere Cab last trip to Byrd's and there is no comparison. It's like comparing the interior of a 1979 Volkswagon Beetle to a 2005 F-250 Lariat. I am still concerned about the hydro. The model we speced has automotive style cruise and speed match. Alot of button pushing. We use the tractor for pulling a 8 foot rotary cutter. a 16foot grain drill with cultipacker. A 6 foot harley rake, 6 foot box blade, 6 foot plugger, 24 inch auger for the majority of uses. For loader work I would agree the hydro is great, but I;m not sure about in the agriculutral applications. We can't demo a cab version of the 4320. They only have a 3820 or something like that, the cab is the same on both though. I'm thinking we are going to demo a open cab to get a feel for the tranny.
  4. FINN

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    i purchased a 3520 ehydro and I'm very pleased. the 42320 should be the same just bigger and more hp. As tranny's go I was not convinced I wanted the hydro. I rented one and used it aerate 75k ft2. You can't match or beat the efficiency of this tranny. It's great for situations where you need to change direction a lot. I use mine with a back blade for snow removal in a HOA with 120 drive ways. No telling how many forward reverse motions I did in the last storm.

    For long pulls under load I would rather have a gear type tranny. Ag applications are the first thing to come to mind. I tried the power reverser and I thought it was a good set up. In fact I was ready to get it just to save some money......but I tried the hydro and decided the increased production for my applications would pay for itself. I feel it has.

    I like the kubota too. Excellent tractor. For me the pedal set up on the deere was a better design.

    good luck
  5. lawn king

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    I had a chance to check out the new JD cab @ the NE grows show yesterday. It is very nice, i like the gauge package in the dashboard and the seat is very nice, i dont like the hydraulic control levers in such close proximity to the loader control and i like the stereo & climate control set up in the kubota better.
  6. start2finish

    start2finish LawnSite Senior Member
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    went and picked up a 3420 cab with e-hydro from local JD dealer today. It doesn't have a loader or rear SCV valve, but we plan on using it with the 6 foot harley rake for a few days. Just to get the feel for the ergonomics of the cab and the tranny. I ran it for an hour or so at the shop today and I believe I could get used to the tranny. The 3000 series isn't big enough for the rake though, the salesman and myself thought that to be true but it will get by for a couple of days. I am still trying to find input on the reliability of the tranny.
  7. lance1

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    Friend of mine has an '03 4610 w/eHydro, loader and backhoe. He loves the power and control of speed with the transmission. The 4320 should be similar.
  8. start2finish

    start2finish LawnSite Senior Member
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    a little late updating this thread.

    the e-hydro works well on the job site. Very agile tractor. We have thrown a monkey wrench into the proceedings. We are now debating about going to a compact track loader (t190 or similar) to run the harley rake. of course it would be a s-6 instead of a t-6 Jury is still out on it though. Each has it strengths and weaknesses. to be continued.........

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