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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by captn, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I just bought my first ZTR and my friend asked if I would consider using it to start a mowing operation.

    I have a truck and an enclosed trailer (I had for snowmobiling) and some other equipment like an Exmark walk-behind (26") and an Echo blower.

    I own a few other businesses, so it wouldn't be much to start up, and I have a built in crew as my friend owns a construction company that is short on work with the real estate market in this area.

    without completely ignoring my other businesses, what other investment besides insurance, salary, and time would I need to throw in to get an LCO off the ground?

    I feel I have the stars ligned up here and am seriously considering. I need some serious pro's to wiegh in for me. I assume another $10k in equipment, $10k in Insurance (annually), $5k in Marketing.

    With that, I'm hoping to have 2 crews (of 2) working 15 jobs a day within a year.

    Does this sound realistic? Sound off if you are a pro or commercial business oriented.

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    Sounds like a great plan that you have in store for yourself over the next year. In the lawn care business it is very easy to get ahead of yourself and expect the best, but this does not always happen, tho I wish you luck w/ getting this off the ground. You just need to focus on what you have: ztrn, walkbehind, blower. You are still in need of a trimmer, edger, and a decent pair of hedge trimmers. You need to ensure that your customer needs outgrow your current equipment before dumping another 10-25k worth of money in stuff you dont necessarily need. You need business just justify purchases.
    As far as business insurance it will only be about 1000-3000 a year depending on what you add. Just starting out I would go w/ $1 Mil in liability insurance and if you are putting employees on payroll it would be wise to get workers comp insurance for around $800/yr. This stuff protects you and your assets.
    A great marketing tip: Number and letter code your ads, ask your customers how they heard about you. This will show you what is working best for your market.

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