Considering tilling,, have questions.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Tinkerer, Feb 18, 2006.

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    I was given an 83 Troy Built Horse (7hp). The motor smokes as I was told. Assuming all the rest of it works I'm considering doing tilling in the spring after I replace the engine.
    1. Will I get shaken to death running this tiller,, its a rear tine model.
    2. Or I could mount a tiller on one of my riders and not have to deal with vibration,,, but then would I have to deal with a lot of small gate openings that might be too narrow and keep me from doing some jobs.
    Your thoughts, ideas.....
  2. topsites

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    I have a troy bilt, the big red kind, with an old Kohler motor.
    Rear-tined are the kind you want, the front-tined kind are the ones beat you to death.

    The main thing you have to remember is *always* call Miss Utility to mark the utility lines (power / water / etc), it's not just for your safety but it's the law. I can not stress this enough, *NEVER* ever take a customer's word for 'there is nothing here,' I have made that mistake and paid for it, yes, first time (and only time) I tried ... They swore up and down they've done this before and there was nothing there... All I can say is I was real glad it wasn't a power line and happier still I didn't get a fine. So call Miss Utility, or don't till.

    It's time consuming but not as bad as core aeration, take it easy and don't fight the tiller (turn down the rpm's is the easy way).

    good luck.
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    The Horse tiller is one of the easiest to use and you will be satisfied with it's performance......

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