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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RRHAMMONS, Jan 25, 2006.


    RRHAMMONS LawnSite Member
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    Has anyone built a sprayer for z-turn mower from scratch to spray lawn chemicals? Can anyone post description and pictures? Thanks Roger.
  2. Victor

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    I've got one, I built for a Lazer HP for sale. It's got a 26 gallon tank, with bypass agitation, a 100' hose reel and a 3 gpm pump on it. I've also got a 210 gallon nurse tank, I'm gonna sell with it. The first $200 I get, takes the sprayer set up and the nurse tank. The tank is made to fit in a pickup truck bed and cost me $175 this Summer when I bought it. I'm gonna buy a skid sprayer this Spring. That's why I'm selling the sprayer set up and nurse tank.

  3. J Hisch

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    I have just done this very thing here's what I spent so far

    Had the tank paid 156.00 200gal
    hose reel electric 481.00 w/o hose
    welded frame 1.5 hours metal 27.00
    paint 18.00 hi-gloss enamel

    5.5 Honda gear reduction hypro D403 pump, bought assembled for 1500.00 inlcudes shipping

    hose 300' .79 per foot

    Spray gun 35.00 with nozzles

    plumbing and other fixture 40.00 total on part only no labor 2495.00 I found there is not much mark up in the rigs, next time I will buy on already built.
  4. Terra-Turf

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    Could you send some photos? Also give a break down of what equipment the setup uses. I might be interested if this is a well made, and working system.

  5. SWD

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    I built a 15 gallon self contained unit that mounts on my 36"wb with a velkie.
    Has a 6' boom, 25' of hose with spray wand, fits through narrow gates and runs off of it's own 12 volt battery.
    total cost for me to build was about $300.00.
    Regarding pictures, I don't have any right now to post -
  6. Victor

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    Here are some pics of it. It has a 26 gallon North Star tank on it and a 3 gpm ShurFlo pump, a pressure gauge and an adjustable regulator. I made a break away style boom with 5 quick-change nozzles for it (see the springs in the pick). I also designed the boom so that it can fold up and out of the way. The mount at the top of the sprayer is obviously where the hose reel sits. The hose reel has 100' of yellow 3/8" on it. I designed and fabricated the frame that this assembly sits on, to fit a Lazer HP. As you can see, you can do a blanket app with either the boom, or the hose with this sprayer. I had a few properties that had small gates that the mower wouldn't fit through. In those situations, I pulled the mower up to the gate and spooled off the hose to do the back yard. My email is


    ZTR Sprayer pic1.jpg

    ZTR Sprayer pic2.jpg

    ZTR Sprayer pic3.jpg

    ZTR Sprayer pic4.jpg
  7. kaufmaninc

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    is that 200 also include the stand & is there a pressure regulator on it?
  8. Victor

    Victor LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The price does include the stand Buddy and the regulator is on it.


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