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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AL Inc, Jan 3, 2005.

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    I'm planning some changes for this season and I was just looking for some feedback from people who run dedicated construction or detail crews. Until now, I have been sending out two crews to cut, Tuesday-Friday. Mondays are for additional work, and Saturdays are for catching up or extra work.
    I have started to branch out into landscape construction and that is mostly where the problem lies. When my men are mowing, I'm either doing these projects by myself, or with whoever I can get. Really too much, and these projects are tending to run a lot longer than I'd like. The other problem is that people are sometimes waiting 2-3 weeks in the spring/summer to get mulched, or pruned, or for small plantings, etc. It seems backwards to make people wait for these (more profitable) jobs while most of my crews' time is dedicated to mowing.
    I decided to keep my best of my best mowing accounts, and sell off the slow payers/distant/PITA's, etc. That crew (2 men) will then handle any other work outside of mowing.
    I guess after 10 seasons of operating as mostly a maintenance business, I've had enough and want to focus on the things I enjoy more. And I would rather keep things small rather than getting big. I would appreciate any input, thanks.

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    I would build instead of reduce. Try to get 2 full crews for maintenance and than get a 3rd for landscape. I have always felt that the best advertizing I get is from my maintenance trucks. Try to keep the trucks doing one thing as the time to transfer from one type of work to another can eat profits.
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    Yes, run different crews..

    1 truck for maintenance crew ie) lawns, flowerbeds, hedges, leaf cleanups

    1 truck for installs ) sod installation, lights, waterponds, etc..
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    I use a mowing crew
    a Part-time crew for hedges. mulch, annuals, etc. sprinkler maintenance and so on.

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