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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by boozoo, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. boozoo

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    I'm flirting with the idea of hiring a consultant. It seems to me that tracking will be the name of the game with them, and that it would behoove me gretly to hire a consultant with expertise in the software I use for that purpose: Qxpress and Quickbooks Pro. Is there anyone out there who fits that description? What was your experience with them? Thanks
  2. grnkeepers

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    Unfortunately whenever I have tried to make recommendations previously I have received a terse note reminding me of Rule 1 of the guidelines here:

    Rule 1. Advertising of any kind is not permitted at this site unless you are a sponsor. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here. This includes mentioning manufacturers, dealers, etcÂ… in the forums or through e-mail or private messaging. You are also not permitted to include phone numbers addresses, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, or web addresses or links in your posts, e-mail, private messages or signature lines.

    Sure makes it hard to give a fellow green industry professional a helping hand on questions like this.
    Now if Sean would allow it I can give you two very helpful recommendations that fit your needs to a tea.

    Best to yous and yers'
  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi Boozoo,

    If you are still testing out software and need us to help you, let us know.
  4. Rob Spread & Spray

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    BooZoo, I have a few suggestions that have helped me in my Chem Care Company. Let me know if I can help.
  5. boozoo

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    Well, heck yeah, Rob - that's why I posted. But how do we get ahold of each other? I went to the profile section to privately e-mail you and groundskeeper, but they don't list e-mails there. I haven't gotten on Lawnsite in awhile, didn't they used to?

    And what's this business about not being able to recommend people or products? I thought that's one of the primary things this site was about! If I use XYZ mower (or consultant) and think its the greatest, or ABC mower (or software) and think it's junk, seems to me I ought to be able to proclaim that on this site - and be encouraged, not censured! What's happened here? Have the sponsors taken over? Or did I misunderstand grnskeepers post?

    Thanks all, Jamey
  6. boozoo

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  7. Rob Spread & Spray

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    Check your persoanl email.
  8. boozoo

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    What gives with the "Private Messaging"? I've sent messages out to grnkeepers and Dandylion slayer, and neither have read them. Are they actually getting them, or are they too busy (understandably, this time of year) to read them? Also, why is no one's e-mail address or phone # listed under their personal information as an option, in case they want to be able to be contacted? Would someone please educate me on the current ways of Lawnsite?

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