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    Anyone ever hire a green industry consultant to help them with their business? Did it help?
  2. ProMo

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    i couldnt afford a consultant but i went to a seminar bill phagan held in my area and im still working on the changes but yes it did help also getting my limited pest liscence.I was servicing my accounts 51x per year and now for the same or more money ill only be servicing 42 or less per year actually might get to spend some time with my family never had a vacation.I purchased bills book on contracts and am almost finished with an excellent contract ill be sending out to my customers soon.I was about to go under after 10 years in my opinion bill has helped a lot
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    Good ones are worth it. I use Jim Huston from time to time. If a consultant can explain how he can help you interms you can understand and has helped others you can talk to it is worth the $$$. Mistakes and ignorance are expensive and make hundreds or thousands for education look pretty inexpensive when you look at both sides of the equation.
  4. B. Phagan

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    Wow ProMow,

    Thank you for those kind words!!!

    I've done well over 300 financial and business operations consultations all over the country from the one person operation to 300.

    Consultants usually charge in the area of $1,400 - $2,000 per day plus expenses and may not be affordable to some but then you have to ask yourself "Is my business worth the expense"? The average on site stay should be about 3 days. I have yet to see a situation where the expense wasn't justified. Sure wished they were around when I had my 45 person biz!

    In some cases, businesses need a bandaid....maybe just being able to determine their cost per manhour and writing agreements for protection, etc while others need major surgery. Sometimes attending a green industry workshop or buying a specific green industry book can put you back on track.

    A great green industry consultant has had experience in the profession and is very familiar with all the nuances of our businesses from P&L's, scheduling, PM, work flows, manhours, employees, marketing/selling services, writing agreements that protect us, etc and should be able to assist you. Sometimes a phone call to clarify helps.

    This time of year, I ususally get alot of calls from owners questioning why they even got into the profession. Customers not paying, employees not showing up, too much work, no time with their families and most simply not making enough money to support their families and/or their business debt.

    Unfortunately, most people wait until they are in dire straights while others just want to "tweek" their business and still others just want to ensure they are doing business in the appropriate ways to maximize profits and income. Working in the blind is not beneficial.

    But you'll have to make the decision on retaining a professional, experienced consultant. And good luck with your business!!
  5. heygrassman

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    Doesn't the PLCAA membership carry some free phone consulation?? I think that Phil Nilsson is the one that handles some of that.. Opinions vary on the value of Phil's wisdom, but I have always found Phil's opinion worthy of listening to (whether I agree or not).

    Then there is always SCORE. These folks are very affordable.

  6. kris

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    We use Charles Vandercoi ...yearly.

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