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    Its pretty much bringing someone in that can look at your business from the outside. He doesn't see it everyday, so he may notice things that you have just been acustomed to seeing. I've heard of consultants coming in and re-doing a entire business structure while your off for the weekend, but I don't agree with that approach. I think you have to work together, because you know what will and has worked and what won't work and your input should be very important.

    Don't bother with a consultant if you think you don't have to change anything your doing or won't change anything your doing. Some people are just looking for a pat on the back and someone to tell them they are doing great, but I wouldn't waste all that money to get one.

    I think no business is ever perfect or at 100% efficency. I think any of us could walk into the most sussesful lawn care company's in the country and find something wrong with the operation, or something that can speed up a process, etc. But thats because we're looking from a different angle.

    The resources online such as all the forums are making better and better business' every day (or at least they should be) because your getting tons and tons of information and ideas from all over the WORLD. There are better and different, and easier ways of doing things out there, you just have to be open to change.

    Hope this helps explain it.

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