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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nosparkplugs, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Well I must say the Toyota Tundra just got hammered for reliability according to Consumer Report, the truck was just unreliable, fit & finish was excellent. The Tundra that Consumer Report was given by Toyota had engine problems, 4x4 problems, result the most expensive overall cost of ownership of a truck in it's class? Consumer Report, also gave the Duramax/Cummins better than anticipated reliability & over all cost of ownership. Consumer Report was excited about the new diesels, in particular the Cummins 6.7L standard exhaust brake. They also said that when the 2500/3500 trucks were used for towing & hauling the Diesel vs Gasoline option as tested. Their were less reliability issues with the diesel engine options, than the less expensive gasoline powerplants when towing or hauling. In conclusion as I have said, and now Consumer Report has done a years worth of testing on OVERALL COST OF OWNERSHIP, Consumer Report factored in the fuel costs for thier trucks diesel or gasoline at 5% . The lower cost of ownership of the diesel made up for any increase in the price of diesel. Not to mention the diesels tow & haul better.
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    I did lots of research before i took the plunge into my 2008 pickup. Consumer reports & motor trend both rated my truck very high, i felt the best truck for my needs was the GM silverado, allison/duramax. No regrets, love the truck!
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    Me to. I went with the d-max GMC. I have had the chance to pull a few things heavy behind this truck and I am impressed thus far. Love it!
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    my 08 f350 powerstroke is great and the mileage is finally coming up a bit now that i have 6K miles on her. i have had 17mpg over a 150 mile distance but it was done by truely babying the pedal. typically around 14mpg now. i heard the new dmax can heat the fuel quick enough in very cold conditions and is starving for fuel bogging down on the highway.
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    Does the extra cost of the diesel engine make up the extra money in efficiency?
    I have bought diesels sinse 1988. I just bought my first gas since then. The extra cost of the engine ($11,000.00) Canadian coupled with fuel prices at $1.25 per liter for diesel whereas gas is at $1.14 per liter just made me decide to buy gas again.
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    I know around here the Diesel option is around $7,000 more and at the pump diesel is running $4.29 a gallon and gas is $3.39 a gallon. When I do the math and factor in how much more I paid for my truck, and how much more the oil and fuel filters and more oil to buy during services I feel that a gas would be cheaper to buy and run than my diesel. I still love to drive my diesel though and wouldn't want to trade it for anything.

    02 Chevy Duramax/Allison 3500 dually 4X4

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