Contact Managment / Sales Software???

Who's using some type of contact management, sales management software ??

ACT !!, or Goldmine, or that Sharkware....

or some other type of d base program for sales assistance and providing customer service...
Come one, some one has to be using this software or a t least curious about it ??

I have been using it for 8 year's, works great.

Must be a boring topic if I have to reply to my own post to at least get a reply hit up.


LawnSite Senior Member
We use Act! 2000. Works good for us.
I would encourage every one to take a look at these types of programs. They allow you to maintain a data base of your clients, vendors, anything or any one. You can print day runner type formats for your scheduling, it has auto ticlkers, e mail programs. very comphrensive programs.

Excellent addition to any business helping become more efficent in the paper work side, scheduling and customer service.

ACT is made by Symntac I believe. Very good tool and cost effective at about $ 200 a copy.