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Need some help from some seasoned veterans. Not sure of the best and most effective way to contact commercial prospects. Have you found door to door to be the best way or is calling more effective? Am I correct in thinking that most if not all of (new) commercial properties go to the installer of the landscape for at least the first year of maintenance. I'm not equipped to do irrigation and installs so with that in mind am I better off canvassing more established properties or have you found it Not to make a difference. Any help is appreciated
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I would always use the cold call method, either by phone or in person. I would always ask if the property went up for bid every year and if so what month. You can always get put on their list if they keep one, if it's an established business then somebody is bound to be cutting it. You never know when they might get a little "scrubby" on their quality and the managers start looking for numbers. Got to get out and pound the pavement is all I can say.


P.S. Good Luck

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try sending should also befreind someone in the irrigation business. that way when you have jobs like that come up have them do that part of the job.. good luck


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Try to find someone who you can sub all your irrigation work through. If they know that you are going to give them irrigation work then they will pass the lawn install/maintenance work to you. Try joining your local chamber of commerce. You can get a list of all the business members and use it for direct mailing. I'm writing a new letter now for it. I'll let you know how it turns out.