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    I am wanting to find a way to get around contacting a property management company in regards to bidding on properties they manage. The company always uses the same few landscape companies to submit bids to the properties they manage. They must be giving them kickbacks is what I figure. I have been in business longer than any one of the companies they use. I'm wanting to be able to contact the board members of the communities and tell them I'm interested in bidding, also. Any Suggestions?
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    Dude. No one is getting kickbacks for HOA landscaping unless you’re talking about them getting a good deal. Or unless these are multi million dollar contracts, which from your context i assume not. Around here at least, HOA and small commercial are mostly picked up through reputation and word of mouth. If you know someone who has say over these sorts of things that’s a great advantage.

    Otherwise you just keep doing good work until someone contacts you. Most HOA will only send an RFP every 3-5 years, as it isn’t worth the hassle of doing every year especially if they prioritize quality over taking the lowest bidder.. If they are looking for the lowest bidder I would not want that contract
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    theres always some conspiracy about why "no one calls me, instead of them"
    tin foil hats aside.
    They met in a bar, their wife knows the other guys wife.
    They went to school together.

    The PM doesn't need 10 bids, he needs three, why would he make more work for himself collecting more bids he doesn't need?
    What are you going to do for him that he doesn't already have?
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  4. Todd73

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    Or maybe the property managers have been doing business with the companies for a while, know the quality of their work, and don’t want to take a gamble with an unknown company.
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  5. RussellB

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    I placed a copy of my business card in an HOA news letter. Cost $25 for the year. The calls from residents rolled in and I soon had 60 yards in the community. The second year they approached me about bidding on the HOA maintained properties. The place is huge and I was not staffed up so I didn't bid. The following year they asked me to again so I placed a bid much higher than the existing contractor had but i knew I could not perform the work at his price. I got the contract and this will be the forth year it has been renewed.

    Since getting this contract the management company has called me for numerous other projects. I have picked up two more HOA's from them and bid many more just to give them an idea of what the costs should be. It takes time to put those proposals together but they appreciate it.

    I chuckled at the "kick backs" statement in the OPs post. Hard work, clear communication and dedication will get you all the work you can handle.
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  6. Todd73

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    The other thing is that property managers are busy and some may be lazy. Why would they spend the time researching new companies to solicit bids when all they need to do is send out one quick BCC group email to their regular guys saying they’ve got a new property and need a bid? I say if you want it that badly, you’re going to need to find out who to contact, submit a letter of introduction, a portfolio of your work, and maybe even references. Clearly they’re happy with who they’re currently using, so it’s not like they’re going to come seeking you out.
  7. Todd73

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    Wait? Are you saying I can stop paying my HOA board members to renew my contract? :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  8. RussellB

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    It's amazing what slme believe about HOA's. Ive been the President of my HOA for nine years. We had a burglary last year and the homeowner called me screaming and yelling. I advised her I was going to hang up if she continued to yell. She said " you are an elected official and I can yell at you all I want". I hung up.
  9. Todd73

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    Yeah, since the HOA is clearly responsible for the individual security of each home. What a nut. I would have hung up on her too.
  10. springfield_pest

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    I gave my hoa a bid this year. I was 300 a year more but offered to do more (I have to drive past the entrance to come and go so I can give a little discount, no drive time) than the guy that has been doing it sense he moved in 15 years ago. They want to stay with him; no insurance, dull blades on a lawn tractor, always yellowing out the fertilized and irrigated Bermuda, does not clean up the bed edges, not trimming shrubs or cleaning up around the lake. I am waiting on them to ask me to do the crepe myrtles or clean the under growth around the lake this spring. The $300 extra I bid the price at just went to $500 or more. The discount is only for current customers, sorry. I believe a lot of HOAs are like this around here. If not using a management company, Joe does it for beer money results bedamned, he is cheaper.

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