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    We have all talked many times about how to get new accounts. Do any of you work WITH other companies or organizations? My thought here is to help us newer guys know where we might look to partner up with other busniess's for more (better) jobs.

    I currently work with two companies. I work with a "tree guy" who does all my tree work for me. I dont do it because my friends and family have kindly banned me from use of a chain saw. They get wierd about that after you almost limb yourself numerous times in a row.

    I also work with a Chem application/sprinkler company. I am not liscensed for either yet and dont want to lose customers due to my lack of knowledge. This one is temporary but currently necessary.

    I have also heard of others partnered with construction companies or real estate companies. Not sure exactly, you tell me.

    Side note: This partnership of sorts has been bennificial because i am getting new business from the other companies as well as me sending them some business.
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    We use "contacts" to get business. We had a tree guy that gave us business until he blew out his knee. One of our Landscape supply stores here refers us to their retail customers. We have had some big jobs as well as high profit "quickies." We have a custom home builder that refers us a couple of times a year on some upscale homes. It takes time to build these contacts and to start getting work out of them, but the work will come and it will be good work.
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    We exchange business with several other companies in our area to cover various aspects of customers requests.

    ELECTRICIAN:landscape lighting
    CONST.CO #1:grading + drainage
    CONST.CO #2:topsoil + hydro-seeding
    TREE SERVICE:lot clearing + stump grinding + tree removal + aerial pruning/shearing
    MISC:lot sweeping + seal coating + striping

    I have found that it works out well for us. We get seeding installs from co #2 and the tree service. We get alot of referrals from the electrician for hardscaping. And we barter alot amongst ourselves and have byuilt a good repore with one another. We are able to compete with the larger giants of our area by combining forces.

    I say go for it!

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