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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mbella, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. mbella

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    This is kind of a continuation of DFW's "I figured it out." When excavating for a hardscape project, in the past, I hauled everything myself. While attending an industry event, an instructor mentioned to me that he used containers whenever he could. I hadn't even thought about it before speaking with him.

    Now, like the instructor, whenever I can get a container on a job, I do. This is assuming that there is a certain amount of debris to be removed. This works for me because I get a 20yd container for $350.00. I can get it with 24 hours notice and I can keep it for approx. two weeks.

    When I consider all of the costs involved for MY business to haul the debris, it just isn't worth hauling. Also, with the container, my costs for removing the soil from the site and disposing of it are known, before I start the job. There are no variables like the truck breaking down, driver doesn't show, etc.

    I make more money laying pavers and block than I do hauling debris.

    Anybody else use containers?
  2. The Yard Barber Inc.

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    I don't use them but have thaught about them. Now that I hear it from a second person, I think I will price them.
  3. SodKing

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    20yds of soil would weigh about 48.000lbs. Is that within the containers capabilities?
  4. kris

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    Is there a disposal fee on top of that $350 ?

    All our crews either have a 1-2 ton dump that they can use to bring a few yards of material or plant material, either to or from the jobsite each day. We then have One truck driver that services all those crews, either bringing them material or picking up spoils. There are several free dump sites that take our clean fill.
    Pavers, wall units and sod are delivered to the site by our suppliers.

    Depending on the logistics, distance etc we may hire outside truckers to bring in soil,gravel etc.
  5. mbella

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    Absolutely. I use a local company here called Galante Hauling. I've never had a problem. On one job this summer I had a full container, it rained the night before it was picked up. The truck struggled to get the container on, but it did.

    Kris, no there are no other fees as long as it is clean fill. $350.00 covers everything.

    I get all materials delivered to the job site as well.
  6. Flyscaper

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    We pay the same, we use A.J. Blosenski in Honeybrook,Pa. 350 for a 20yd and 250 for a 15 yd. The thing is they get on our case about filling a 20 to the top with clean fill. They said it was to much weight, we can fill it 3/4 full. So i tend to use a 15 yd and fill it to the top i was told it comes out to more than 15 yards (I think its the specs on the container). I don't know what we would do with out a container on the job it saves so much time, and like Mbella said we make money laying paver's and block not moving fill. Mbella you mite want to give RBS a call i herd they are really cheep and they are in the area. I would probably use them however my mother works for AJ so they help me out :p

  7. mbella

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    Is RBS the name of the company? Galante hasn't ever given me a problem. If they only have a 30 yd. container then I can only fill it three quarters of the way.
  8. Flyscaper

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  9. Ecobjs

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    We use them on every type of job we can. From landscape to tree work. In the end its much cheaper and faster than hauling it ourselves. We simply set up an account with a local company. You do, however, need to make sure that the container will not damage the soil, if it will factor the repair work into the job. We also do not like to have them sit aorund on site for weeks on end. Other people will begin to fill them up. We pile everything, get the unit dropped and pulled within days.
  10. landscapingpoolguy

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    I usta use containers untill i started getting too many over the weight charges, plus i cant stand having one on the site its just another thing in the way.


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