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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jmf, Jul 1, 2007.

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    I have some white pines (7-10') that I am transplanting. I am aware of burlap and wire baskets, but I am looking for something that will accommodate a dug ball that is easy and friendly. I will be digging them with a skid steer type bucket.

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    That is a very tough transplant with a tree spade. White pine has a low survival rate on transplants because the rootsrun shallow and far. When you cut a root ball you don't get a lot of young roots and the tree has a very hard time surviving. Also, there is very little to hold the root ball together.

    Add to that using a bobcat bucket and you will reduce survivability even more. Definitely don't do this until mid-August because the candle growth has not yet hardened off.

    I used to dig white pines with a tree spade mounted on a Bobcat in the late seventies for a tree broker in Maine. They are a tough transplant under good conditions.
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    Late August for sure. These white pine have grown naturally in adverse conditions. They are robust and I've transplanted many and have not lost one (except for one planted in what use to be a driveway). They are survivors, but the later in the growing season the better. Normally I just dig 'em and replant them right away, but this year I am thinking about making them available for resale. They are fairly symmetrically and I'm hoping to get about $125 loaded on a customers vehicle.This is why I need a transport container.

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    We grow White Pines in the ground and above ground. If these trees have not been root pruned every 2-3 years then an 8-10's roots will have spread pretty far. Dig as big a ball as possible. 36-44" for an 8-10' water heavily several days before digging so the ball is moist and the tree's got no water stress. Do not dig with a bucket. Either hand dig, get a tree spade guy to come in or get a Tree Spade bucket attachment for your skid. About $8-900.
    In terms of storage. B&B is ok if you bury them in damp composted mulch or composted sawdust. A 75 gal. Amaroo crate (
    will fit an 8-10 Pine but the Crate cost is $60.00 ea. or you can meshpot them ( Here's some sites with these systems. Join TreeFarmers at : to see lot's of growing methods.

    Whatever above ground system you use you gotta use drip watering to give those pines a daily drink. Overhead does not water roots well, wastes water, and leachs out the nutrients with too much water. We water our white pines 3 times a day with 1 gal per time with a Orbit timer from Walmart. 30.00.
    Good luck in becoming a grower. Ren :cool2:

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