Contaminated Sand


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We recently fixed several irrigation heads on our football field. At our school was a stack or Quickrete All Purpose Sand. I thought this will be a good way to get these bags out of the way and fill in a few irrigation heads so the Bermuda will grow through and I can fill in an area where a tractor made some tracks.

I put this sand in the holes this past Sunday afternoon, 7/14/19. I checked the field this morning and the sand looked funny. It was starting to set up hard!!! like concrete. Some of the holes were just like beach sand, some felt very very firm. Then it hit me, this sand had concrete in it.

I immediately went to the school Dumpster and dug the plastic bags out that I used. Every one says ALL Purpose Sand... I have contacted the company and they are sending a rep to meet me Wednesday. He said that these bags must have been at the end or start of a product change, and the sand was contaminated with mortar/cement.

It made me sick this morning, I was freaking out how am I going to fix this. But worst case, I will have to cut a square out of my turf and put in a new piece of Bermuda sod.

I am anal about everything with these fields, and here I am pouring concrete on my Bermuda... When I was using the sand, I was paranoid and read each bag to make sure it said All Purpose Sand.... Thankful a representative is coming to look and I have all the empty bags.

Guys be careful with what you put out....