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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LB1234, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. LB1234

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    We have a SCAG SWZU 48"WB with bagger, a SCAG SWZU 48"WB w/advantage deck and mulch system, a SCAG 60" Turf Tiger, and a MTD 21" push mower (homeowners special). We hardly ever have both WB's and the rider in the trailer at the same time. We usually only run the mulcher from late spring to late summer. Before and after that time it just sits in the garage.

    Currently, we have three accounts that require the use of the 21" push mower due to gate width restrictions. Both gates are 42" width gates.

    I'm thinking of selling the 48" mulcher and purchasing a 36" WB. So a few questions....

    (1) How much should I expect to sell my mower for? I have no idea how many hours are on it cause I don't have an hourmeter on it. Its a 2002 w/17HP kawi. Everything runs well with it. We keep up with our maintenance. Only problem we had was a hydro pump failure a few years (2?) back. Of course the body has the typical scratches and dents on it.

    (2) Will a 36" mower (I'm looking at the SCAG) fit through a 36" gate or do I need to go with a 32" deck to fit through the 36" gate.

    (3) I would like to have the new mower set up for mulching b/c it would decrease the time to cut the gated yards. Basically I can cut in any direction without throwing clippings into a pool, onto a fence, or into a mulch bed. So, a 36" mulcher...what size engine should I have in place? According to SCAG website only two engine sizes are available for 36" mowers...15HP kohler and 16HP kawi. Now, since I'm going to be mulching in all seasons should I drop to the 32" mower which has a 15HP kawi...basically its the same as the kohler but 4" less of cutting.

    FYI: I'm leaning towards a gear driven mower to save on cost and maintenance since this mower is not going to be used that much (~1.5hr/wk). I believe we can get away with it cause the gated yards are fairly flat and not very large (~2,000sf each). Now, if I decide to go with a hydro the only combination is 16 kawi with 36" cut.....

    Well, if you read this lengthly post...thank you....

    Opinions, comments, suggestions?
  2. metro36

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    I would like some info on your 48 if you decide to sell it. I am looking for one.
  3. chuck bow

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    Thatswzu is prob worth 2000 to 2500 max as you dont have a clue how many hrs are on it , I have the same mower and had done the maintenance ( oil changes ect ) to the tee when at 1300 hrs the kawi 17 gave way and had to remotor it . you just never know what else is worn out at this point. My price may seen low but i have had 2 swzu and pretty much know what they will bring.
  4. naturescape

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    You'll have to measure the deck exactly on whatever 36" you're buying to see what minimum size gate you'd need. You may just need 36 1/4" or so. Nothing's worse than missing it by 1/4"! So measure first.
  5. LB1234

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    Ya I know...I hate to sell a good running mower and purchase another only to find out it won't fit through a 36" gate. Problem is I don't have any 36" gates to even measure at the present moment. But my thought process is, if I'm getting a smaller mower I can take on that many more lawns (cost competitively) with the 36" gate. I dunno....:confused:

    My thing is can you 'angle' the mower deck around the post of the 36" to get in the back yard? you know what I'm asking...kinda like turning it through around the post were the deck extends beyond the rear wheels.
  6. LB1234

    LB1234 LawnSite Gold Member
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    Actually, I do have a clue. Purchased in early spring of '02. In '02 we ran it about 6hrs/wk. In '03 & '04 we ran it about 8hrs/wk. In '05 we purchased a TT and really didn't have much use for it with the other 48, except in the summer when grass wasn't as thick & wet. Even so maybe 3-4hrs/wk. Same for this year.

    Therefore, if I were to guess (And yes I realize its a grain of salt and its only my word...) I'd say around 1k hrs.

    I was actually thinking/hoping between 3-3.5k for the machine. I paid ~6.5k new. Again, I don't really have a clue...if you are saying between 2k and 2.5k its probablly not worth selling...I'd have to do some investigating on the cost of the other mower we want to purchase. I really didn't want to place additional funds into that mower. After all, its not a necessity at this point, it would be more of a really nice convenience.

    Thanks for the feedback though, it is appreciated:clapping:
  7. Dunn's

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    Get a 32" Ferris hydro-cut they are around $2,500.00 new. Also your machine has Five years of commercial use on it meaning it already made what you paid for it and then some. I thought the $2,500 he said was a little high. You understand you are selling a machine/tool used for work that on the norm are abused even when you wash it every day change the oil/filters more often than needed,grease everything that needs to be greased daily,oil moving parts, etc.etc.etc. This is not a house you can't expect it to hold its value. Also it would help if you posted pics of the machine to help us give you an accurate estimate on what it is worth.
  8. LB1234

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    You are correct, the machine owes me nothing. Its depreciated all the way down on the books, its made me my money, etc. I dunno, I just can't see only 2k for it. But hey who am I to argue, that's why I'm asking on here what everyone thinks it may be worth. I was obviously off...doesn't mean I can't slap a for sale sign on it and ask 3k for it. Its not like I have to sell it cause its burning a hole in my pocket...

    BTW, we do not abuse our machines. We make sure to engage to clutch at the lower RPM and all that other jazz instead of just slamming the blades on at full throttle. We are two owners/operators in this business. Employees (when we have them) don't run any of the big mowers.

    Jezz...your right...I'm treating this thing as if it owes me something:laugh:

    I'll try and get some pics later this evening or tomorrow and post em.

    thanks again for the comments
  9. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I have an Exmark 36" WB and I would say that I get into most gates with it. There are a few occasions when a gate is built to 32" or the builder just did not measure quite right and you wne up with a 35" opening and such. But I have abotu 6-8 accounts that I use the 36" on and it squeezes through some and has extra room on others. I hope this helps.
  10. LB1234

    LB1234 LawnSite Gold Member
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    Yes, thx. Sounds to me like it really just depends on the gate and the installer.

    I think its a 36 then, since only all three of the current gates are 42. That'll be an extra foot every three passes.

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