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Continental plows


LawnSite Senior Member
Has any one have this typ of plow on there truck it would be more of a local plow in eastern ma.Also what brand of comercial plow would any one put on a F450 onther than fisher,for IE: Flink,frink ect.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Henderson makes a very nice municipal plow for that series truck.

Mark Oomkes

LawnSite Fanatic
Grand Rapids, MI
Viking? They have a new method for tripping over obstacles, it is a trip edge but the scraper edge is attached to a urethane piece which is attached to the moldboard. We have a 10' for our 750 or our older F-800. Haven't used it much, but it seems like a good plow so far.


LawnSite Senior Member
Our fleet consists of F450's PSD 2x4 duallies, early 90's were C&C while our new 2000's are crewcabs. We run Meyer/Diamond products. The older trucks had meyer 8-9' blades, which we quickly found out were too stressed under the weight of our trucks. The mechanics welded metal into some of the blades to toughen them up. Over the last few years we switched to Diamond 8-9' blades which are extremely rugged, and can handle the weight of the trucks.

While some say Meyer/Diamond are junk, with the amount of plows we run, we've worked out the quirks, and they work well for us.


LawnSite Senior Member
Viking most have gotten that idear from pathfinder out of RI.They came up with it in the mid 80's It's a great set up but they have no dealers only factory direct.