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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by kemmer, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. kemmer

    kemmer LawnSite Senior Member
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    While i was driving yesterday i had a crazy idea, but heres the background info first.

    I am 18 and own a landscaping company. It is fairly successful and totally legit. I mainly do lawn maint. but i am more and more doing landscaping job. Im still in high-school but it is my last year. I applied to 4 colleges. Rutgers, Suny Morrisville, Suny Cobleskill, and UMass. i got into everyone but rutgers and i made my decision that if i go to school, it'd be UMass. It'd be a 2 year program for landscape construction which can turn into a 4 year program if i want.

    Now back to my crazy idea. I had the idea to take a year off from college to see how the business runs and if it becomes more successful. If it does continue to grow i have to option to go to bergen community college and take courses. I think they even have landscape courses.

    My plan if i do go to college is to, when i get out, start up another business. But that mean id loose the client base that i had already made in the previous years and have to invest more into it.

    So guys, i need some opinions. I know, especially in my area, landscape contractors are very successful not only from the building boom but also the middle-high class area that i live around.

    Any opinion is appreciated


  2. LandscapeMasterpieceGA

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    School is great-if you want it and need it. If you would rather make money now you seem on your way to being a responsible business owner. If you need the piece of paper (degree) get it. If not, earn a living at the same time as learning more than you would in school. I am enrolled at a great local Tech school w/ a great horticulture program. I am also self-employed.
  3. Kilroy

    Kilroy LawnSite Member
    from KY
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    Continue your education in college. Get as much as you can; 4 years or more. Make this your #1 priority. Statistics show the longer you stay away from school, the less likely you are to go back to it. Get your education now so no matter what direction your life may go, you'll always have your degree. It's worth money to you no matter what business you end up in. Good luck in your future. It sounds promising:clapping: .
  4. Fvstringpicker

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    I agree with Kilroy. I'm an engineer and a CPA. I started college right after high school, left because I figured I could do like many of my friends by just getting a job, buying a new car, chasing a little bush, and having a little money in my pocket. Didn't take my long to figure out my mistake. You are plenty young enough to get your education and than restart your business or you could run it part time. Remember that you're going to be better off with a degree than without one.
  5. LawnTamer

    LawnTamer LawnSite Gold Member
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    Get your education! In the long run a college degree will be worth a lot more that a handful of clients. Keep some while going to school if you can but make school your #1 priority.
  6. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    It's real simple. Get your degree. (I repeat) get your degree. Any questions?
  7. kemmer

    kemmer LawnSite Senior Member
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    well if i decided to not go to umass i would work and go to school here.
  8. LandscapeMasterpieceGA

    LandscapeMasterpieceGA LawnSite Member
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    there you go-educate yourself-you dont need to do what everybody thinks you're supposed to do-always have a reason and purpose for whatever you do
  9. DLS1

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    Get your degree but not in landscape. It is bad enough already being in the lawn business but Congress will pass a bill soon that basically gives amnesty to illegal aliens by giving them citizenship. Well those illegals who have been working in the lawn industry and have lots of experience will be opening up their own business for cheap prices and more competition.

    It will turn out all you guys hiring Mexicans have been giving them experience and knowledge to put you out of business real soon.

    Lawn business is a dead end future.
  10. Jpocket

    Jpocket LawnSite Silver Member
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    Depends on the person to be honest with you, for alot of ppl...esp. in my area a 4 year degree is just a piece of paper if your gonna be in business for yourself. IMHO you'd be better off taking classes at night at a community college or something...if you walk away from everything you'll regret it. It doesn't take a degree to run a successful business.

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